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Bombing Afghanistan

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  • Bombing Afghanistan

    It has begun.
    First wave of U.S. strike begins
    Power cut, anti-aircraft fire reported in Kabul

    KABUL, Afghanistan, Oct. 7 — The first wave of a U.S. military strike against Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban regime has begun, U.S. sources told NBC News Sunday. The word came as explosions and anti-aircraft fire were heard in Kabul and electricity was cut throughout city.

    FLASHES ALSO LIT up the night sky over the front line between Taliban and Afghan opposition forces some 25 miles north of Kabul, witnesses said.
    All day Sunday, the Taliban repeated its determination to resist any attack and to deny U.S. demands that it turn over the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, Saudi exile Osama bin Laden.
    President Bush warned the Taliban on Saturday that “time is running out” for them to surrender bin Laden or pay a “heavy price” for harboring the prime suspect in attacks on America. Earlier in the day, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said, “Things are coming into place, although obviously the timing on any such action is a matter we must discuss with our close allies.” Blair noted that the timing of such a strike would not be discussed.
    The statements were followed by leaks to U.S. and British news organizations, including NBC News, stressing that the stage was set for an attack and that virtually all the military assets required were now in place, including the latest U.S. contingent — 1,000 Army troops of the 10th Mountain Division deployed to Uzbekistan.

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    Second wave of attacks today too. Being in the millitary, I have a unique view of all this. Also, as much as i hate saying this, I fear that more and worse terrorist attacks might happen as a result of the afghan bombing. The arab world might begin to unite against us, 'the great satan'. Screw that, god bless america.


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      Well, alot of them have reasons to hate us. They would not hate us unless we have been fucking them over for the last 40 years, which we have done that. Actually, last 35 years. Ever since George Bush (The First) was head of the CIA, the CIA has fucked and used everyone in the middle east (and other places)

      Alot of them have a right to be pissed at us. They do not have a right to go kill random people who have done nothing. But, if I was a soldier, trained and supported by the US in Iraq (just saying). I am trained to attack Iran (someone who was supported before). Then, 5-8 years later, US starts attacking us, and supports Iran again. What the hell! In the mean time, the US has been bombing Iraq on and off for about 10 years.

      Ok, I know, I am not saying this attack (Sept. 11) was the US's fault, but they did not clean up their own mess, and because of it, people died. The US should not use and abuse countries in the middle east. If they didn't, then it wouldn't be so fucked up.


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        4 UN employees killed...

        Yet Osama and the Taliban officials seem to be doing well...


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          Exactly! I was going to bring up that exact same point! What the hell happened there!


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            Don't know what exactly...but it kinda pisses me's like the Taliban officials and Osama are almost gloating how we're bombing the hell out of that country, but they're still safe and sound. They don't seem to care that they're being bombarded, but they do make it a point to go, "haha, you missed."



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              I believe there is a report out on CNN that we have hit and killed some of Taliban leaders.


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                Just an update:

                • The chief of Britain's defense staff said Thursday that the military campaign in Afghanistan will go from "winter into next summer at the very least." Adm. Sir Michael Boyce said that operations "will continue to such time as we achieve our objectives." (Full story)

                • CNN has confirmed the first U.S. death in Operation Enduring Freedom; a U.S. Air Force sergeant killed in an accident on the northern Arabian Peninsula.

                • Sources told CNN hundreds of civilians were fleeing the Taliban stronghold of Kandahar, in southern Afghanistan, after the city was shaken by more than 30 explosions in a two-hour period Wednesday night. Military fuel depots, barracks, and heavy armor were targeted.

                • Investigators have found no evidence linking the presence of anthrax at the offices of a supermarket tabloid publisher in Florida with terrorist attacks against the United States, an FBI official said Thursday.

                • Authorities have dropped criminal charges against one of three Arab men arrested last month in connection with the terrorist attacks. Farouk Ali-Haimoud, 21, had been charged with identity fraud, misuse of visas and conspiracy to commit those violations.

                • U.S. stocks rallied Thursday, coming close to erasing its losses since September 11.


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                  "The arab world might begin to unite against us, 'the great satan'. Screw that, god bless america."

                  This is a very untrue statement.
                  Such statements "great evil" are made by extremists in those countries.
                  In addition to that, Yes the arab world does have its reasons to criticize the USA , one of the reasons being the foreign policy adopted in here.

                  The taliban and Ossama Bin Laden in no way represent Islam.
                  Not everyone who says he's a muslim is.
                  They treat their people like crap.
                  check this site out:it's the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan

                  look at the picture gallery and movies.
                  Those Taliban are nowhere near civilised. And to think that we supported them financially and military. Are we nuts?

                  "Everything that's countable doesn't necessarily count. What counts isn't necessarily countable"
                  Albert Einstein
                  "Everything that's countable doesn't necessarily count. What counts isn't necessarily countable."
                  Albert Einstein


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                    not to bypass the palestinian involvement... a factor that many I know have forgotten since the festivities on the 11th... there is a much larger picture than our government has really allowed us to see at this point; something alluded to in the anthrax letter to daschel (sp?)

                    -- propaganda in a democracy??. no way...
                    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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                      "not to bypass the palestinian involvement... a factor that many I know have forgotten since the festivities on the 11th."

                      I am not sure what you exactly meant in here. But I will reply relatively to what I understood. And If you meant something else then I apologize.

                      Palestinian involvement? you're kidding me.
                      Palestinians are not able of this kind of terrorism just because they don't have the money for it + they can't afford to do it. Because if they do it they know they're gonna lose everything they have been working for since the 70s. They're not that dumb..

                      As for the festivities....
                      Other then the fact that there is a doubt on the credibility of the video and when it was done.
                      You know how those palestinians live in the camps in Lebanon? If you go in you would puke.
                      They are extremely poor , barely have money (sometimes less then 1$ a day). They are not allowed education, are not allowed to open businesses or own lands....etc..etc
                      I mean what highly intellectual responses were you waiting from a group of people who doesn't even have education? They're naive and uneducated! what did you expect?
                      All they know is: they used to live in Palestine , they had lives they had money they had work. They got kicked out now they live in total misery, and they are told the US is the reason for all of that?

                      What do you expect them to react like? uneducated naive and misinformed..?

                      "Everything that's countable doesn't necessarily count. What counts isn't necessarily countable."
                      Albert Einstein


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                        ya.. to most extents the majority of palestine doesn't seem very intimidating... but to limit blame to the taliban is a rather simplistic explaination of the problem at hand. even with the villification of Bin Ladin, the general mid-east has a growingly anti-american sentiment.

                        i can't say that the people are to blame. whether propaganda or just misled by social leaders, the sentiment still resides. whether right or wrong is really difficult for an well fed american g33k to really understand. however, our country in far from free of these same struggles. the biggest difference is that we have weilded maslow's kindness and the broad ranges of ethnicity to debate and better understand prejudice.. i think, for the most part, that people don't blame believers of Islam for the towers. you're right, the other countries simply don't have the opportunity to know better.

                        not that palestinians are a major threat, but that they appear to be rather close allies of the taliban at this point...

                        all it takes are a few people willing to learn and lick stamps...
                        if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.