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LPCON - Final Planning

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  • LPCON - Final Planning

    Hello All
    Well we are down to the wire. Just about a month left.
    I am going to try to get a contest pre-registration up on the link that I have setup for the contest.

    We are going to need to know who is bringing lockpicking boards for the lockpicking village and how much room you need for them. Will you need a table or is it free standing?

    I also need a design for the back of a t-shirt. I'm not very artistic. We are running out of time on that too, so if anyone wants to take a stab at it in the next few days, I'd appreciate it. If your design is chosen, you will get a free t-shirt (give me a size please). email me the design at milesinc_doc at yahoo dot com.

    We have a skybox for the LockPicking Village, but unfortunately, we have to share it at night. So there will have to be some teardown and lockup going on. I'm going to see if there is a place closeby we can move the stuff, but you may have to take it to your room for safe keeping. Sorry guys, this one is out of my control. Too much demand for skyboxes.

    Let me know of any questions and thanks.

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    Re: LPCON - Final Planning

    Grey Frequency asked me to host this entry. the EPS file is also in your mail box.
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      Re: LPCON - Final Planning

      DOC, LSI will be bring a 10 lock lockboard with progressing levels of difficulty.
      It's a table top unit that would likely sit on our own table unless your making specific space for 'em. ;)
      Picking locks since '96.