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Toxic BBQ T-Shirt Order List (Are You On It?)

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  • Toxic BBQ T-Shirt Order List (Are You On It?)

    Heres the Current Order List. There will be a few extras..
    but not many.. Most of which will be XL
    If your not on it, Private Message Me Quantity & Size.

    ** T-shirts will be the regular $20. Anything XXL+ may be $1-2 extra. (Up To 5X Available)
    *** A Portion of the proceeds will be donated to some of the hacker charities.

    Mouseling: 1 Small
    Goathead: 1 Small
    Mfreeck: 1 Medium
    Hackajar: 1 Medium

    Salem: 2 Large
    Tacitus: 1 Large
    Lil_freak: 1 Large
    Octalpuss: 1 Large
    Renderman: 1 Large
    Hackajar: 2 Large

    Cotman: 1 XL
    Goathead: 1 XL
    AstCell: 1 XL
    Syntax: 1 XL
    Siviak: 1 XL
    Latras: 1 XL
    Hackajar: 2 XL
    Jur1st: 1 XL
    Lost: 1 XL
    Frank: 1 XL Aprox 5 XXL
    H3adrush: 1 XXL
    Cereal86: 1 XXL
    Converge: 1 XXL
    AlxRogan: 2 XXL
    Frank: 1 XXL
    SubZer0: 1 XXL
    Dakahuna: 1 XXL

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    Toxic BBQ Baby Doll T's available

    I was told today by the company printing the shirts that Baby Doll T's were available for $2.00 extra. I will order them if anyone wants them.
    Send Me a message if your interested along with the size.