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  • The Siege

    Anyone seen The Siege with Denzel Washington, Annette Bening and Bruce Willis?

    I rented it's basically about terrorists in NY. Not the same type of terrorism, as in the movie shows bombings that at the worst took out 600 people, whereas our real-life terrorism took out thousands. But it still brings up lots of really great points about terrorism, what it would be like to bring the concentration camps back, etc.

    Check it out...I thought it was good. If you've seen it, what did you think?

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    It was a decent movie. I guess I wont be too harsh on it. It was a pretty good movie. Good insight on what might happen.
    Overall, a very good senario of the government's reaction to local orginized terrorism.


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      One thing the movie kinda made me wonder about...if all our big federal agencies out there (FBI, CIA, etc.) would have just been working together, would any of this had happened?

      Maybe if we'd kept some extra security on people who were on "watch lists", could they have gotten on the plane to begin with?


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        Well, maybe they knew about it. Like Pearl Harbor.

        If anyone didn't know, our government knew about Pearl Harbor before it happened, and the president allowed it to happen.


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          Very true.


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            I am not trynig to sound conspericy theoryish, but, W Bush's approval rating has gone from ~50% to ~90%.


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              Wasn't Bush Sr. President when the Gulf War started..


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                And, he was the head of the CIA at the begaining of whem the Middle East started getting screwed by the US.
                He was VP During Regan's 8 years. Regan was an idiot, Bush Sr. was running the show.

                Bush Sr. took the CIA out of its own depression. At the end of the cold war, the CIA needed something new. Bush came up with the middle east. Even though he only spent 2 years as head of the CIA, the main building in Langley is named after him. People in the CIA refer to him as "George the First."


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                  Kinda makes you wonder that if we minded our own business...

                  But then again, we couldn't let one country over there start taking over all of it neighbors...then they'd get bigger and stronger and go after bigger and stronger countries...

                  Eventually, we would've had to get involved I guess...


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                    Talked to a friend who had terrorism/anti-terrorism training when he was in the service and his analysis of it still strikes me. This is a textbook case because they followed the 3 simple rules:
                    -Strike them publicly
                    -Strike them with their own tools.
                    -Strike them where the money is.

                    Now, I haven't followed up and done my own research on the concepts of good/bad terrorism, but common sense says they pretty much hit their targets.

                    And yes, I believe we knew about it before hand.
                    -- jedi