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(atlas) The Making of atlas: Kiddie to Hacker in 5 Sleepless Nights

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  • (atlas) The Making of atlas: Kiddie to Hacker in 5 Sleepless Nights

    atlas was just a kiddie when asked to write his first exploit in order to qualify for dc13's capture-the-flag. After conquering his sense of inadaquacy, he went on to win the individual competitiion and finish third even among the teams. This presentation will introduce you to atlas, to hacking, and to the pivotal "Stage 3 Binary" which turned the man's life upside down. The talk will be an entertaining walk through his efforts to understand and write a network exploit, some of his lessons learned, and some tools which made hacking a bit easier. The talk will include use of GNU Debugger (gdb), objdump output, ReadElf, Ktrace, and the @ Utility Belt toolkit (newly released).

    People who will find this talk of interest include:

    * N00b hackers with an interest in writing exploits
    * Anyone interested in the defcon CTF drama
    * Friends of atlas who wish to heckle and otherwise find amusement at his expense

    atlas, a disciple of the illustrious Skodo, has a history in programming, systems support, telecom, security, and reverse engineering. His introduction to the hard-core hacking world was through dc13's CTF Qualifiers. atlas went on to win the individual contest and place third overall. atlas has written the WEP-cracking tool bssid-flatten and the @ Utility Belt toolkit.