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(Kenneth Geers, Alexander Eisen) Ipv6 World Update: High Diplomacy & Monster Trucks

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  • (Kenneth Geers, Alexander Eisen) Ipv6 World Update: High Diplomacy & Monster Trucks

    Ipv6 World Update: High Diplomacy & Monster Trucks
    Kenneth Geers
    Alexander Eisen

    Governments around the world are investing serious time, effort, and money into the next generation of the Internet, IPv6. Indeed, there are important mandatory deadlines looming for v6 deployment, which are remarkably close given the amount of work that still has to be completed. For example, the U.S. Government has mandated that its organizations be IPv6-compliant by June 30, 2008!

    Therefore, there is no question but that your organization must begin to prepare for IPv6 today. This presentation will cover wide-ranging, cutting-edge research the authors have conducted on IPv6, including interviews with some of world's top thinkers on the most crucial issues surrounding this sleeping giant. It will give you the facts you need in order to plan for what will be difficult times ahead, and you will take away enormous insight into the work that you may be responsible for and dependent on over the next several years.

    Alexander Eisen will present the tactical, down-in-the-weeds view of IPv6. What are the main challenges organizations face as they implement v6 on their networks? What defense mechanisms must not be overlooked? This presentation will provide a myriad of technical details that will help the DEFCON audience keep pace not only with their own government's mandates, but also with economic competitors from around the world. Mr. Eisen will also explain how hackers can exploit this new technology, and provide strategies for preventing black hats from taking advantage of the necessarily long-lasting, heterogeneous environment that will be required during the transition. These include the challenges of sensor and IDS deployment, IPv6 tunneling, wardriving results, mind-blowing statistics, and the results of his efforts to build a native v6 connection at home.

    Kenneth Geers will present the political and strategic view of IPv6, including why nation-states view IPv6 as vital to their national security plans for the future. Stops will be made at the White House, Beijing, Red Square, and Tokyo, and he will cover the most current v6 research and deployment events from around the world. Translated summaries of official foreign language IPv6 documents, that might otherwise remain inaccessible outside their home countries, will also be presented. If some governments get their way, DEFCON audience members should know that they could well lose their last byte of anonymity on the Internet!

    Last but not least, a live, on-stage demonstration will take place: the authors will attempt to saw a woman in half, and then try to check their beer inventory and fridge temperature on the other side of the country with the aid of the world's first IPv6-enabled refrigerator add-on device! The demo will show a discovery and port scan of the appliance via the Internet, followed by authentication, remote administration, and a test email/SMS message sent to the speaker's mobile phone. Welcome to the v6-pack!!

    Kenneth Geers (CISSP, M.A. University of Washington) has worked for many years as a programmer, Web developer, translator, and analyst. The oddest job he had was working on the John F. Kennedy Assassination Review Board (don't ask). He also waited tables in Luxembourg, harvested grapes in the Middle East, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, was bitten by a deadly spider in Zanzibar and made Trappist beer at 3 AM in the Rochefort monastery. Mr. Geers is the author of "Cyber Jihad and the Globalization of Warfare", "Hacking in a Foreign Language: A Network Security Guide to Russia", and "Sex, Lies, and Cyberspace: Behind Saudi Arabia's National Firewall". He loves his wife Jeanne, and daughters Isabelle, Sophie and Juliet.

    Alexander Eisen (CISSP, M.S. University at Buffalo) has twice received a federal Information Assurance Scholarship to complete a multi-disciplinary Computer Science program spanning Cryptography, Cyber Law and Management. Having worked in the fields of penetration testing, incident response, forensics, security software evaluation, his passion is in exploring pioneering topics in security, researching with academia and being a grayhat-entrepreneur. He wishes to have Kenneth's frequent flyer miles to assist with his back-country snowboarding adventures across the globe. Mr. Eisen is an Adjunct on the faculty, a member of the IEEE Computer Society and has a Russian Blue cat named Jazz