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(Rick Hill) WarRocketing – Network Stumbling 50 sq. miles in < 60 sec.

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  • (Rick Hill) WarRocketing – Network Stumbling 50 sq. miles in < 60 sec.

    WarRocketing – Network Stumbling 50 sq. miles in < 60 sec.
    Rick Hill, Senior Scientist, Tenacity Solutions, Inc.

    Network "stumbling" has taken many forms since Marcus Milner first released Netstumbler in May 2001. Historically, stumbling aficionados preferred data collection method has been Wardriving – almost everyone owns a car and it’s easy to fire up your laptop and drive around. Of course, other methods exist…creative souls have utilized everything from bikes, to boats, to planes in pursuit of new networks. Groups in the U.S. and Australia have performed "WarFlying" using Cessnas and other, small aircraft.

    Enter a newer (& faster) technique: "WarRocketing".

    This talk is about 802.11b network discovery. It details the design, launch, and recovery of a rocket whose objective is to network stumble 50 square miles in less than a minute. Wardriving coverage is limited by obstructions such as trees, houses, and terrain. Our aerial platform, (the Rocket) does not have these limitations. Essentially, it provides Line-of-Sight to ALL targets in the antenna pattern!

    The Presentation will include photographs of the rocket construction, (1/3 scale model Nike Smoke), a launch video, and screen capture & analysis of all computer activity during the flight: network stumbling, # of A/P's registered, and so on. No prerequisite—only an interest in Network Stumbling and Wireless Technology.

    Rick Hill, CISSP, CWSP works as an information systems security engineer for Tenacity Solutions, Inc., an IT consulting firm based in Reston, VA. Specializing in Wireless Security, his day job involves C&A of govt. networks, site surveys, and performing network security assessments. In a previous life, he did equipment automation and optimized new production lines for ITT Automotive, an ABS brake systems manufacturer. Rick's after work interests include working to become his neighborhood's Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), Netstumbling, and shooting High Power Rockets. A born-again Rocketeer (BAR), he started flying those little Estes "kid size" rockets at 8 years old. His motto today: "bigger toys for bigger boys." Rick's been a Tripoli rocketry association member since 2000. He also holds a Technician class amateur radio license (KG4BSY), which he uses primarily for rocket telemetry and investigating cool new wireless applications.