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(Broward Horne) Meme Hacking - Subverting The Ideosphere

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  • (Broward Horne) Meme Hacking - Subverting The Ideosphere

    Meme Hacking - Subverting The Ideosphere
    Broward Horne, Software Consultant

    “Meme Hacking – Subverting The IdeoSphere” is a followup and expansion of last year’s “Meme Mining” presentation. It expands upon previous material and shifts from passive data mining to active meme manipulation. Concrete examples and patterns for meme manipulation are demonstrated, including an example of how I legally used active meme propagation to disrupt a former employer. The material ranges from specific tactical examples up to a strategic framework for Meme theory and the possible evolution of memes due to information technology changes.

    Broward Horne is a software consultant with a diverse background. He has done contract work for Unigard, Nike, JP Morgan, Verizon, Transcore and the US Department of Transportation, worked directly for several large corporations (Hewlett Packard, Avnet, Teradyne, Litton) and for two startup companies. His projects include network construction and administration, prototype wireless LANs, prototype pen-top software, CRM software, e-commerce, insurance and banking enterprise applications. Horne began data-mining & business intelligence in 1993 as a career guidance tool and have slowly expanding the scope, strategy and theory of my technique.