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(Johan Hybinette) How to Create an Anonymous Identity

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  • (Johan Hybinette) How to Create an Anonymous Identity

    How to Create an Anonymous Identity
    Johan Hybinette

    An Anonymous identity is difficult but not impossible to obtain. With help of international laws and loopholes a new identity can be created.

    This talk will demonstrate how this can be done with never before published methods.

    There are many reasons why a person might choose to obscure their identity and become anonymous. Several of these reasons are legal and legitimate - someone, for example, who feels threatened by someone else might attempt to hide from the threat behind various means of anonymity. There are also many illegal reasons to hide behind anonymity. Criminals typically try to keep themselves anonymous either to conceal the fact that a crime has been committed, or to avoid capture.

    Johan Hybinette is CSO and founder of Cebic Technologies, inc. specializing in international security auditing, policy and monitoring. Johan has over 20 years of security experience and has been speaking on numerous international events. His expertise includes compliance, pen testing, SIM integration (Security Incident Management), auditing, and identity management. Some of the certifications held are CISM, CISSP, ISSAP, IAM, ISSMP, IEM.