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(Johnny Long / j0hnny) Death By 1000 cuts

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  • (Johnny Long / j0hnny) Death By 1000 cuts

    Death By 1000 cuts
    Johnny Long / j0hnny

    In this day and age, forensics evidence lurks everywhere. The task presented to modern forensics investigators is a daunting one. During this talk, you'll slip into the shoes of an uber-agent hot on the trail of the illustrious Knuth from the Stealing the Network series. Haven't read the latest installation? You should. How would YOU catch a guy that MELTED his hard drive platters and sanded down all his CDs? Where's the evidence? That's the question of the hour. Answer it correctly and you could win any number of cool prizes.

    Now that the talk description you can show you boss is out of the way, what's this really about? Think of it as the hacker's version of "Where's Waldo." You'll laugh. You'll learn. You'll cry when you realize the answer was staring you right in the face. You'll scream when you're caught in the mosh pit of the full-on frenzy of the bonus prize rounds. Forget Waldo. This is HALO 2 meets hacking. Get your game on. Got no coordination, no reflexes, no skillz, and no eye for detail? Come anyway.

    Come have some fun, and learn how the feds put the smack down on even the most paranoid among us.

    Johnny Long is a "clean-living" family guy who just so happens to like hacking stuff. A college dropout, Johnny overcompensates by writing books, speaking at conferences and hanging around with really smart people. Johnny is currently working on the final third of the coveted "Hacker Pirate Ninja" title, which has thus far evaded even the most erudite of academics. Johnny can be reached through his website at