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(Collin Mulliner) Advanced Attacks Against PocketPC Phones

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  • (Collin Mulliner) Advanced Attacks Against PocketPC Phones

    Advanced Attacks Against PocketPC Phones
    Collin Mulliner

    Smart phones are the new favorite target of many attackers. Also most current attacks are harmless, since these mostly rely on user mistake or lack of better knowledge. Current attacks are mostly based on logic errors rather then code inject and often are only found by accident. The talk will show some real attacks against smart phones and the kind of vulnerability analysis which lead to their discovery.

    Collin Mulliner is a computer science student/researcher and a member of the Collin's main interest are mobile devices, their security and pretty much everything that is somehow related. Collin started poking PalmOS-based PDAs in 1997, and by now has laid his hands on pretty much every existing type of portable device. In recent years Collin was mainly messing around with Bluetooth and created the first Bluetooth port-scanner. Lately Collin's main focus shifted towards PocketPC-based smart phones.