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(SensePost) A Tale of Two Proxies

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  • (SensePost) A Tale of Two Proxies

    A Tale of Two Proxies

    During this presentation SensePost will discuss and demonstrate two pieces of new technology—the Suru WebProxy and the SP_LR Generic network proxy.

    The Suru web proxy is an inline web proxy (the likes of Paros, @stake webproxy and Webscarab) and offers the analyst unparalleled functionality. Are the days of the web proxy counted? Is there really room for another web proxy? Come to their presentation and see what happened when the guys at SensePost decided to develop a proxy with punch.

    SP_LR is a generic proxy framework that can be used for malware analysis, fuzzing or just the terminally curious. Its a tiny, generic proxy built on open-source tools with extensibility in mind at a low low price (GPL - Free as in beer).

    Both proxies serve distinct masters and will be valuable tools in any analysts arsenal.

    Roelof Temmingh is the Technical Director of SensePost where his primary function is that of external penetration specialist. Roelof is internationally recognized for his skills in the assessment of web servers. He has written various pieces of PERL code as proof of concept for known vulnerabilities, and coded the world-first anti-IDS web proxy "Pudding". He has spoken at many International Conferences and in the past year alone has been a keynote speaker at SummerCon (Holland) and a speaker at The Black Hat Briefings. Roelof drinks tea and smokes Camels.

    Haroon Meer is currently SensePost's Director of Development (and coffee drinking). He specializes in the research and development of new tools and techniques for network penetration and has released several tools, utilities and white-papers to the security community. He has been a guest speaker at many Security forums including the Black Hat Briefings. Haroon doesnt drink tea or smoke camels.

    Charl van der Walt is a founder member of SensePost. He studied Computer Science at UNISA, Mathematics at the University of Heidelberg in Germany and has a Diploma in Information Security from the Rand Afrikaans University. He is an accredited BS7799 Lead Auditor with the British Institute of Standards in London. Charl has a number of years experience in Information Security and has been involved in a number of prestigious security projects in Africa, Asia and Europe. He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences nationwide and is regularly published on internationally recognized forums like SecurityFocus. Charl has a dog called Fish.