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(Brad Smith) How the FBI uses NLP on YOU!

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  • (Brad Smith) How the FBI uses NLP on YOU!

    How the FBI uses NLP on YOU!
    Brad Smith, RN, CISSP, Computer Institute of the, Rockies

    This session will reveal to you how the FBI uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) during interview and interrogation sessions. Gaining cooperation with special speech and word changes, Clues to help determine whether clients are lying or remembering and the traditional "Cop Stop technique" will all be revealed and practiced by attendees. Seldom taught outside the law or medical community, you'll be instructed in and actual practice techniques, just like the Feds do. While you may not be able to stop leaking information to the specially trained professional, you'll now see the extra information other are giving off. Come prepared to talk to others and learn invaluable skills that can C.Y.A.

    Brad Smith, RN, BS-Psych, CISSP has utilized social engineering in Emergency rooms to defuse medical crisis for many years. He has taught Neuro-Linguistic Programming to healthcare, law enforcement and security professionals and now helps educate everyone on the reality of social engineering and its exploits. Session attendees get cutting edge information they can immediately start using to protect themselves. He is know for his high energy presentation style and group participation format that helps people truly understand the concepts presented, while also having a fun time. He has attended Defcon for many years and looks forward to Coffee Wars, Hacker Jeopardy and the Black and White Ball again this year.