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(x30n) Blackjacking - 0wning the Enterprise via the Blackberry

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  • (x30n) Blackjacking - 0wning the Enterprise via the Blackberry

    Blackjacking - 0wning the Enterprise via the Blackberry

    Research in Motion's Blackberry technology has quickly become the defacto standard for executives and technical personnel alike to maintain unteathered remote access to critical data. Often regarded as inherently secure, most administrators deploy this solution without a full understanding of the technology or risks involved.

    This presentation will demonstrate how an attacker could utilize many typical corporate blackberry deployments to directly attack machines on the internal network—behind your perimiter defenses! The tools and source code presented will be available for attendees. Techniques for reducing the risks associated with this technology will also be presented.

    This talk is a must see for anyone who has deployed or is planning on deploying the Blackberry solution within their network. Whether you are an administrator, CIO, security officer, or user, you can't afford not to understand the risks associated with this technology.

    x30n has over 8 years of experience in software and network security. His expertise and industry experience includes software engineering, vulnerability research, exploit development, risk managment, penetration testing, source code auditing, reverse engineering, forensic analysis, and network analysis as well as many other niche areas within the information security industry.

    x30n is also a core member as well as current team captain of Digital Revelation, the notorious research group that has taken 1st place in Defcon's Capture the Flag competition twice.

    x30n enjoys code with his breakfast, discovering new ways to break things, reversing, and long walks on the beach. Oh and 0wning everyone in hacking competitions of course!