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    well folks, the new [yet extremely basic] deathrace site is up at:

    i'll actually be updating it in a week or two, when i get some time and we'll have more than just the extremely rudimentary information that's available there now. this'll also be our fifth outing under my control [the fourth after folding enigma's caravan] and i've got some things planned that y'all may enjoy.

    last year we actually came in an hour behind schedule [which is better than the two to three hour behind schedule pace we normally keep] despite an accident in the parking lot of the ontario mills, waiting for the bay area caravan [who had a car break down and had to redistribute the people and gear to keep rolling] and twenty people trying to fix a volvo that wouldn't start in baker. about forty cars joined us [does someone have an exact number?] and everyone seemed to have a good time... so we had that going for us.

    reguardless, if you're in the california area and happen to be a complete psycho who enjoys an evening road trip/death march thru the desert with you and forty cars full of like minded geeks then you really ought to check out deathrace2k.

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    Already planning the trip with whatever and whoever I need. I never did get the game card for last year, maybe it'll show up for this year. ;) I'd like to know any ways I could help!