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[Wanted] A room to share

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  • [Wanted] A room to share

    I don't have a reservation, so I'm looking for someone who does.

    First off, I'm a hetero girl, I don't care which you (I'd like to room with other girl(s), but beggars can't be choosers) are as long as (1) you respect my privacy, as I will respect yours and (2) you understand that under no uncertain terms will I sleep with you, or any of your friends, or any strangers...

    Here's the specifics:
    - Thursday - Satrurday (possibly Sunday) nights
    - non-smoking/non-substances of questionable legality (required), non-drinking would be ideal, not that I care what you do when you're not in the room..
    - Even split on room, which would be as close to CON as possible
    - I pack light, so I don't need too much space.

    Reply to this thread to contact me. Thanks!

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    Re: [Wanted] A room to share

    I may be interested. So far it is 2 guys (trying to convince a 3rd). I assure you we are all trustworthy and bathe ... I would expect the same. Non-smokers, no drinking in the room (outside the room is another story), and you can probably snag a bed (my friends are pushovers and I always take couch). No parties in the room (a couple of people would be fine, though). I will ask to see ID.

    Since this is DefCon, expect me to be quietly in and out of the room at all hours. My friends tend to sleep during the night (it's the oddest thing... ).

    I do not have a reservation for Sunday night. If this is important, look elsewhere.


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      Re: [Wanted] A room to share

      All of the above sounds fairly reasonable and I'm perfectly willing to exchange ids.

      What hotel are you guys in?


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        Re: [Wanted] A room to share

        Well, I've found a room! Yay! Thanks everyone who offered. Good luck finding roomies, all.