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Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

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  • Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1


    Get together your team of 3-4 players and post the following:
    1. Team Name (and slogan!)
    2. Player Names/Handles and 25-50 word bio for each player.
    3. Why should your team be picked?
    General Guidelines:
    • Any "team leader" must be a registered forum member with a valid e-mail address available to forum admins.
    • The team leader must post the team's entry on the forums from their account.
    • The team leader will be contacted via e-mail and/or the forums for a phone number by August 2 and "confirmed present" via phone on Friday afternoon.
    • Confirmed team leaders must have their entire team assembled and ready to go in the reserved player area on Friday and Saturday nights. (Entering a team is a great way to get good reserved seats!)
    • Contestant teams will be picked by Winn from those teams available and present at the contest at the beginning of each round on Friday and Saturday nights.
    • Contestant teams must be available to play in the Final Round on Saturday night.
    • Any questions, concerns or last minute entries may be made at con in the Speaker Registration area.

    12 teams will be selected to play Hacker Jeopardy:
    • 4 Teams for Friday night Round One
    • 4 Teams for Friday night Round Two
    • 4 Teams for Saturday Night Round Three

    Questions or concerns? See the comments/questions/concerns thread.

    This thread is for CONTEST ENTRY ONLY.

    All other posts will be deleted by admins and DC staff.
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    Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

    Vegas 2.0 - Hackajar, Eric and Matt
    "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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      Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

      Originally posted by hackajar
      Vegas 2.0 - Hackajar, Eric and Matt
      I still need your:

      2) Player Bios
      3) Reason your team should be picked!


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        Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

        Originally posted by nickfarr
        I still need your:

        2) Player Bios
        Hackajar - has spoken at Defcon on 3 different occations, but more importantaly has been known to get duct tapped by goons at pool three, thrown in pool 2 by humperdink and giving people a reason for joining scavenger hunt (to beat hackajar). He currently works with 'the packet baron' as co-founder of Vegas 2.0. Which objectives are running fund raisers for EFF (see theSummit), raise hell at scavenger hunt, LP Con, beverage cooling contenst and hacker jeopardy.

        Eric & Matt - are Vegas 2.0's token drunks. Being well known for their Mr. T jokes and _EACH_ drinking 18 beers in 45min while bowling makes them ideal team mates for Hacker Jeopardy (and canadates for the Humperdink award). Further they are the only two guys in Vegas that can beat hackajar at pop culture quiz on the NTN Network (and know what the candy treat eats!; see DC12 l33test link).

        Originally posted by nickfarr
        3) Reason your team should be picked!
        The local vegas hackers have slowly become a fixture at Defcon though the years, and should be duly represented in Hacker Jeopardy (as they have been in last two years quiz shows, L33test link and HJ). That and we're just damn cool!
        "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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          Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1


          TEAM_NYMPHS today announces its bid to DEFEND its easily-won
          championship title in the upcoming 12th Hacker Jeopardy contest.


          TEAM_NYMPHS (New York Metropolitan Phreakers' and Hackers' Society) are the currently reigning Hacker Jeopardy champions. In 2005, their firm title claim was dramatically secured by the vomit-soaking of a underhanded opponent's Blackberry in a peristaltic round of final jeopardy. TEAM_NYMPHS was founded in 2003, several hours before Hacker Jeopardy X, in which it received the Humperdink award for alcohol consumption in the final round. TEAM_NYMPHS has traditionally been celebrated for its drinking ability as much as for its technical skill. However it has lately been notable for its liquor-HOLDING ability, now a rarity among contestants. TEAM_NYMPHS features:

          Bob Cat [REMOVED] (defcon-forum: ßobÇat)

          Foofus [REMOVED] (defcon-forum: foofus)

          Billy Goto [REMOVED] (defcon-forum: billygoto)
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            Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

            (un) any time, any fucknut.

            pMonkey: He may be old, but at least he's not dead. pMonkey is a former .edu security goon who has seen a metric ass-load of attacks in his day. Unlike his comrades, he can actually remember this information while getting completely blitzed.

            JoMo-Kun: JoMo-Kun is a master script kiddie. Having (unintentionally) locked out thousands of accounts and DoS'd numerous networks, JoMo-Kun eagerly awaits using his brute-force skills against both questions and beer.

            GigaBeef: GigaBeef is a Windows sysadmin. Laugh it up, assclowns. And get him
            another beer.

            Salt Mummy: The Salt Mummy takes no prisoners.

            Having consumed large quantities of alcohol while in attendance at previous Hacker Jeopardies, these goons are now seeking alternative options for obtaining free beer. Along with getting drunk, they are looking forward to challenging/crushing their fearless group leader, and namesake, who now seems to think he is from New York.


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              Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

              Llama Tippers - The revolution is not a llama that falls when it is tipped. You have to make it tip.

              Spends most of his days herding llamas, but during full moons and at defcon, he creeps out to do some some top-rate tipping. In this year's Hacker Jeopardy no llama can expect mercy from his wrath.

              As part of the pro-zombie platform, I'm here to represent our "un-people" when it comes to tipping llamas at this years Hacker Jeopardy. I'm best known for eating the brains of Windows users, and knawing the limbs of Mac users.

              The queen of the Castro, xhost has been known to display his windows on your Linux machine when you aren't working. A Mac user himself, xhost has to avoid pdx6 daily as he continualy tries to knaw on him.

              fo0bar wrote Finnix, available at and fine retail establishments everywhere. All it takes is 4 low payments of 19.99 each. Operators are standing by.

              The "why" part:
              For over 3 years, the llama-tippers have been professionally tipping llamas. Last year they were tipped in final jeopardy, failing to answer a simple Apple question, but this year they are back, and ready to drink, tip, and spit their way to winning. If selected, we'll be wearing special llama-tipping shirts, so people know not to mess with us.


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                Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

                We hereby are making ourselves eligible for Hacker Jeopardy:

                "Bunnies for Priest"

                Hacker Jeopardy
                Behold lore, beer and knowledge
                Drunken geeks on stage

                phenfen: Also known as "Two Liter". Our haiku anchorman and team leader. phenfen loves tater tot casserole, and is currently working on a handmade chain mail shirt. He is always amused by smoking monkeys as well.

                omi: (This space intentionally left blank)

                fizzgig: When not listening to the dulcet tones of Bob Seger, fizzgig amuses himself by occasionally writing code and arguing with random passersby. He has been known to have a fondness for PBR as well.

                DotZero: A connoisseur of all things honey and walnut, it is said he produces a fine bottle of meade. Please do not speak to him of the red shirts.

                Why we would be great for HJ:

                For years, we have sat in the audience enjoying our drinks, watching smart people get falling-down drunk while answering obscure and racy questions, puking their guts out, and we were not charged a dime for that entertainment. We want to give back to the community all that has been given to us.