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Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

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  • Re: Hacker Jeopardy Contest Entry: DEADLINE AUGUST 1

    Originally posted by billygoto

    TEAM_NYMPHS today announces its bid to DEFEND its easily-won
    championship title in the upcoming 12th Hacker Jeopardy contest.


    TEAM_NYMPHS (New York Metropolitan Phreakers' and Hackers' Society) are the currently reigning Hacker Jeopardy champions. In 2005, their firm title claim was dramatically secured by the vomit-soaking of a underhanded opponent's Blackberry in a peristaltic round of final jeopardy. TEAM_NYMPHS was founded in 2003, several hours before Hacker Jeopardy X, in which it received the Humperdink award for alcohol consumption in the final round. TEAM_NYMPHS has traditionally been celebrated for its drinking ability as much as for its technical skill. However it has lately been notable for its liquor-HOLDING ability, now a rarity among contestants. TEAM_NYMPHS features:

    Bob Cat [REMOVED] (defcon-forum: ßobÇat)

    Foofus [REMOVED] (defcon-forum: foofus)

    Billy Goto [REMOVED] (defcon-forum: billygoto)
    Are you sure you want to publish these e-mail addresses on the forums?
    (I have your original post saved away in case you want me to put them back)

    I can work to snarf the e-mail address associated with your defcon forum account, so that addresses need not be published in public.

    If this works as I expect, I'll just grab the forum e-mail address from every users that posts in the HJ Signup Thread, and give that info to nickfarr (the person running the contest) as your team contact email address.

    Just make sure the email address you have associated with your account is valid and works to contact you!

    This avoids posting email addresses in a public space that could be snarfed by spambots.