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Ride from Denver to Las Vegas

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  • Ride from Denver to Las Vegas

    Looking for a carpool, Friday the 3rd or thereabouts. In fact, looking for a room also, but I'll cross that bridge later. I'm 24 y/o male, no preference in regard to smoking/non-smoking in car [or room]. I have little baggage and somewhat flexible on return date, another bridge I plan to cross post-arrival.

    If there's a group with an extra seat in the car heading to DEFCON from the Denver area, I'd love to hook up with ya. In a 2nd-best scenario, I can drive [only room for 3] and split costs with someone.

    As opposed to replying to this post or shooting me a forum PM, throw an email to ef3ktd/at/ if you're in my area and headed to DF14, and we'll hack it out. Thanks!

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    Re: Ride from Denver to Las Vegas

    Correction: Thursday the 3rd. I'd be happy to take off Friday the 4th also if folks are leaving late.