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Room Available Thurs-Sat

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  • Room Available Thurs-Sat

    This is a repeat of an earlier thread because the room got filled, then, er, unfilled when someone flaked. So it's available. Here at the details:

    I've got a room at the Riviera Thurs and Fri., and across street at Traveodge Saturday. I'm a respectful hetero male.
    If you are interested and are:
    -Just one person
    -Respectful of privacy and another person in room (whoever comes in last at night is quiet, etc.)
    -Willing to sleep on floor (only one bed in rooms)
    I'll share it will you.
    The details: your total cost for three nights is $140 (a little less than half the total cost since I get the bed). Send me a private message for details on how to send me half ($70) up front (which gets you the spot), with agreement to pay other half upon arrival at DefCon. (If lurker respond to this thread here but I'm much more likely to see it if you send PM and whoever responds/pays first and agrees to above respect stuff gets it.)
    Look forward to meeting you.