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  • Woots and Thank-Yous

    In tradition of all things con experience, here is the list starter:


    Mfreeck - For staying behind on days that I got to do cooler things, meeting up and then putting up with my random disappearances and distractions throughout everything Defcon. For dragging my ass back to the room when I got too drunk to remember that was my destination. I love you.
    BrokenCbl - Best room share evar. Very glad I got to meet you irl finally and very appreciative of all you bring to Defcon... both you and mfreeck deserve an extra hug for putting up with my post-party hurlfest.
    DT and Ping - For putting up with us every year and giving so many people something to rave about every year. Your efforts make the party and have built a sub-community that extends all borders.
    Grifter - One hug was not enough, next year I'm going for third base... I think $50 will get me there. Honostly, thanks for the chance to hang out and help.. the ability to be somewhere I otherwise could not, and for the skyboxen-fu. You rock.
    Kampf, Com4, Cyclone, A, Veruus, Dedhed... you guys are a blast to hang out with as well as work with.
    Charel - Hotel Ninjitsu at its finest.
    Tom, Jeff, Nico, KC, Dom, ... I really can't remember the entire list, but if you were there you know and are most definately included: you all were great to meet and hang out with.
    Octalpus - For keeping me in 'the know' and on track when I had no idea what went where.
    Travis - I hope you had a kickass first year and will be back for more. Get your ass up to the Nortwest.
    Paul & David - Your contribution helped kick off an awesome pre-con party and was very much appreciated by those in attendance. I owe both of you a beer or something.
    Neil - Kickass artwork and otherwise an excellent person to meet.
    Nikita - Likewise, and especially thanks for putting up with my discussion topics beyond my brains drunken ability to regulate speech .. I really don't talk that much when sober ;)
    Neonrain - Always fun meeting up and chatting about whatever happens to surface.
    LosT - I'm not gonna forget the pho, no matter how many times you stand me up ;) You poured so much into the con this year and it showed. The Mystery Box Challenge was a blast and the breakout session got my on my feet towards hardware/electronics.
    Deviant, Renderman, Joe, Grifter, Thorn et al .. we were so close, yet so far. As mentioned above, the contest was just a great time and our team was no exception.
    Hackerpimps - Best party of the party. Good music, good people, strippers, and totally smashed until hurting .. you folks know how to throw a party.
    Chris, Neg9, Pyro, Octalpus, etc .. getting me into parties/events that I would otherwise not be a part of due to my unsociable self.
    ToxicBBQ - It never ceases to amaze me. L0nd0, Siviak, Che, GM1, Spahkle, Lil Freak, Headrush, Renderman, [Syntax], ... I can't list all > 200 folks but want you to know that you affirm my faith in the hacker community. The BBQ is a completely opensource, completely adhoc event thrown together by details carved from a handful of folks and you. Not only were there more in attendence than feasible, y'all kept showing up even after it got dark. There was more meat than we could cook on the grills available, more drinks than consumable by the multitudes, and an entire truckbed of goodies that we were able to get back to the goons working their ass off while we had a blast. We got our 2 cop car event and had 0 dipshits to mess anything up. I could not have expected a better time.
    GM1 - Sushicon lives. Good times were had and sentimental value only made it better. Thanks man.
    Alx, Medic - ..and all, you're pretty cool Texans .. you folks also fit into my category of 'not enough damned time'. It was really nice to catch up.
    Chris - You're a good man, Charlie Brown. You always have something cool to show/demo, and you're a blast to hang out with. Next year I will need to experience the pr0nomatic..
    Renderman - Craziest canadian this side of the border. We shall form a posse and take care of JDumas once and for all.
    Noid and Evil - You deserve a break. Thanks for making the con iron out as much as it did. Also thanks for putting up with our lateness for arrival at the buffet .. you held the hotel staff back just long enough and it was a great time.
    IVU - For the liquor, your alcohol set the stage for my decending from drunk to shitfaced. .. and a chance to catch freaky without a smilebot daemon in his stead.
    Mother - Finally meeting you was a definate highlight of this con, very glad you could join us.
    ThePrez - For taking one for the team and kicking ass while we were having a good time.
    Meee - For the surprise of seeing you in a schoolgirl uniform when I stepped out of the Ninja's Skybox. Wow. You also did well to keep folks in line while having fun .. next year you'll have to snag Yu along as well.

    Chris - We really wanted to go to Japanese but the timing of it all really didn't work out as planned.
    The TSA guy that had to search through my luggage on the way home. I really didn't mean to laugh the entire time you thoroughly inspected my fruit rollup... there's just something funny about dried applesauce.
    Anyone that I accidently left off this post. Whack me over the head and I'll recall.

    Pipes - Where were you man? Was really hoping to meet you and I know mfreeck probably feels at least twice as bummed about not catching up.
    Calypso(sp?) - You're pretty cool when less under the influence .. wish we had more sober time to hang out.
    Dataworm, Kai - You fit in with a bunch of folks that I caught in passing from time to time but never quite got to hang out with thoroughly. This will have to be reconcilled.
    Highwizard - I call bullshit. It sucks .. I understand. It still would have been nice to have you out there with us.
    Liquidfish - you also fit this category. Very nice meeting you and hopefully we can catch up more on irc.

    Fuck You's:

    Really only one. Asshole. Your asshattery screwed over a couple good folks and set the precedence for fucking over every party and event that followed. Way to go. Don't come back.

    ... ok.. this is a work in progress.

    OH .. and to the Internets Jay Beale. Your posse lives on.
    if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.

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    Woots and Thank-Yous

    wow... i have no idea where to begin with all that i have to say about this year's defcon. so many awesome people, so many kickass memories. i'll take my first stab here and update it as i go along.

    first and foremost

    a HUGE apology is in order. i made a huge fuck-ass mistake during the closing ceremonies... i completely omitted renderman from my summary of the BCCC event. not only did he come back again this year with a blissfully simple design, he actually outperformed all the other contenders in speed, efficiency, and raw cooling power. after over three hours out in the sun my brain had become fried and we had only minutes to test render's rig. the notes i took concerning his cooling performance were on a different piece of paper and got either overlooked or miss-linked in the HTML as i scrambled to piece together the photos and slides on sunday.

    while we only had enough time to do a couple cooling runs, render was able to successfully drop a beer's temperature from ~107.5° to ~30° in one minute, fourty-five seconds. i think that even beats hackajar's team in terms of largest drop in temperature. given a little more time to perfect things, i'm convinced render would have smoked everyone else. but, more details on that later when i put up the final BCCC info.

    thanks and happiness

    this is in no particular order since everyone was exhibiting their own degree of awesomeness...

    mouse - we never have enough time together but you are always appreciated so much. thank you for bringing me into Toool-USA and being there when i need you with no questions or judgement. and thanks for hanging with me during the minibosses eventhough it was too loud on your sensetive ears.

    render and grey - you two bring a light and energy to every situation that is just a pleasure to be around. i've never once seen either of you become outright angry or belligerent, no matter how frustrating things may get around you. with enough time spent in your company, maybe i could stop wanting to throw beer cans at fucktards... or at least i could cut down on my swearing. heh, i'll admit that's not likely.

    chris #1 and chris #2 - so glad you guys could make it in the face of demands from work. their concerns were obviously valid, however, when it became clear that no one in the office at home could rebuild a disk array properly without the two of you there. still, i'm pleased you were with us and not back east. couldn't have run the lockpick village without people like you behind the tables so often.

    doc, fiddler, and the LSI crew - continuing the comments just above, it would have been impossible for the lockpick village to happen this year had it been Toool-USA alone trying to put it on... by balancing our time and energy our two groups put on what i think was a terrific and informative show up in the skybox. you guys all rock. way to run a kickass LPCON competition, doc... keep up the good work next year, man!

    the kid who got stuck in the handcuffs on the last day - thank you for maintaining such a calm, collected attitude even after it became apparent that one of your hands was trapped by some seriously broken hardware. this guy, who seemed to be about 16 years old, didn't panic even when the cuff key actually snapped apart as we tried to free him. thankfully, i was able to get him loose after about 15 minutes of fiddling, but it was quite a hair-raiser.

    leïto - it was your first defcon and yet you managed to spend a lot of time contributing and helping out on so many levels. i know that during my first two (or possibly even three) defcons i wasn't in a suitable condition to help someone operate a telephone let alone run a whole side event. you kick ass, man, even amid your crazy ADD-ness.

    redx, fishsticks, etc. - thanks for bringing the good vibe up our direction while we were stuck in the lockpick village... your news and reports of the madness happening down in the con were like dispatches from CNN reporters in the field. particularly humorous were summaries of the incidents that you were directly a part of.

    meee - you are totally fucking amazing and cooler than you could ever accept. you have great friends and, much like render and grey, travel with this vibe that just lights up a space around you. it's not always easy being the mature one amid a group of loonies (i am very familiar with this phenomenon) but you manage to pull it off without any negativity. you kick ass on many, many levels. thank you for being my friend.

    calypso - you're a cutie, inside and out... i'm really glad meee helped to get you to your first defcon. it was my pleasure to get to know you and i hope to see you around again.

    xodia, twinvega, ck3k, staticblack, and the rest of NEG9 - way to keep your heads together amid things going down bad. even when some were no longer at the hotel, that didn't stop you from being determined to have a good time and continue rallying the troops for vegas-related fun. i hope and pray that a few well-placed and properly-worded letters to the right people will result in your return to the hotel.

    siviak and everyone else in the international house of mojo - way to pull it together with a bitchin' party pad... i'd hope to be your neighbor in a future year at the riv.

    toxic BBQ crowd - huge thanks to siv, londo, che, GM1, converge, and the other ToxicBBQ organizers for making that happen, bigger and better, this year. woohoo for grilled reindeer, baby! p.s. - GM1... sushicon owned, way to pull it together yet again.

    converge, mfreek, and thorn - thanks for letting me be a part of the Nostromo crew, even if my duites with the BCCC kept me away from the LostBox contest for much of the game. next year we'll schedule things better. hope to be a part of it again if you'll allow... i'll start my eBay-ing for patches sooner, shirts for everyone in 2007!

    ASTCell and DaKahuna - thanks for your help and support in getting the travelling terabyte project off the ground. without you guys, i doubt the idea could have become a reality. we'll get a web site up soon with which to post updates and news. looking forward to charting the archive's travels.

    nikita - you are one bad-ass, kick-ass, sweetheart. we didn't have time to hang out or grab a cocktail in peace but it was still terrific finally meeting you. thank you immensely for the material which you slid my direction. it will be greatly appreciated by many people.

    e - it was terrific that you and your woman came to defcon. i hope it lived up to my lofty descriptions that i rambled about in new york. look forward to seeing you many times again in future years.

    jess and nobody - like pennies from heaven, you dropped out of the clear blue sky and made my life terrific in so many unexpected ways. thank you for the generosity, the rides, the good vibes, and the assload of free .45 ammo.

    che - thanks for the homebrew which you set aside. it was highly appreciated. can't wait to finally get down to your neck of the woods so as to see the operation in full. finally will have time for that now.

    everyone who participated in or came by to watch the Beer Cooling Contraptions - a competition event can't survive long without participants and spectators, but we've had respectable and increasing numbers of each so far. keep on coming out and having fun and it will always be my pleasure to kick defcon off with a friday afternoon of free beer.

    laz, calypso, freaky, leïto, and the loads of other people who blew into my breathalyzer - it was hillarious to see all the people willing to check their B.A.C. reading throughout the weekend. shocked and surprised faces were priceless when it turned out that people were way less or way more loaded than they thought. i'll have to test my reader's calibration to make sure we didn't kill it, but if it's still in good working order, you can count on intoxication-guessing (a.k.a. MeningitisCon) being a returning theme in future years, as well.

    the hackerpimps, the house of mojo, neg9, the pirate crew, etc. - those who host the parties get mad respect and thanks. never a shortage of boozeahol, never a shortage of tunes, and (particuarly this year) never a shortage of nakedness. perhaps a new slogan is in order... "DefCon: more strippers than HOPE, ShmooCon, and ToorCon combined"

    and, of course DT, Zac, DA, Russ, all the other defcon organizers - i only crossed paths with the few mentioned here, but the army of terrific people who pull this off every year are simply outstanding. thank you. thank you for letting us come, for letting us party, and for letting us do so many fun things.

    regrets and sorrys

    there were many people this year who it was wonderful to see, but from whom i got barely a hug and a short story before we were each whisked in differing directions by the rush of things happening. octal, roamer, freshman, beetle, bruce & heidi, lil_freak, headrush, noid, jackalope, cotman, jurist... all of you and so many others are the exact people who make our community outstanding. if i had the chance to sit with any of you for more than five minutes or give you more than one drink i consider myself lucky, but i don't know if that happened in most cases this year. we'll all see each other again before DC15, i'm sure... hopefully under more controlled blood alcohol levels and with more than three seconds to spare at any given moment.

    p.s. - sorry to freshman for somehow failing to comprehend that i had a full cup of ice in my one hand when i embraced you on thursday. i guess i was still in "outdoor defcon venue" mode and was regretting not having sewn goon neck wraps this year. chances are you didn't need the additional cooling at that particular moment, however.
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    "I'll admit I had an OiNK account and frequented it quite often… What made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world's greatest record store… iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don't feel cool when I go there. I'm tired of seeing John Mayer's face pop up. I feel like I'm being hustled when I visit there, and I don't think their product is that great. DRM, low bit rate, etc... OiNK it existed because it filled a void of what people want."
    - Trent Reznor


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      Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

      Ck's Thank/Fsck Yous
      2006080700 ;serial

      Deviant Ollam : Each and every year you show me a good time, be it a minibosses show, or an awesome talk. Not to mention you helped me kill a little part of christmas.

      RenderMan/Grey : I really enjoy getting to hang out with people who just enjoy knowleage and a good discussion (or beer ;))

      L0nd0 : Seriously one of the best friends I could ask for. Each and every year you make me feel welcome and know how to help everyone have a good time.

      X : It wouldn't be defcon without you, I really wanted to stop by the place and see Maximus, but there is always next year.

      Lil_Freak and H3adrush : I am glad I met both of you, I really don't know what to say, you guys kick ass.

      Mouse : We meet again! Your full of cool knowleage and interesting gadgets, I can't wait for Shmoo, hope you can make it out!.

      TheCotMan : Always there when someone needs something, you donate a ton of your time to defcon, and I thank you for it.

      Converge : Thanks for starting one wickedly awesome bbq (glad you got to see it in all it's glory)

      Mfreek : It is always fun to see you, I did miss the wearable this year. Resistance is Futile!!!!

      Thorn : The most level headed person I know, I hope to hang out much more at future cons.

      Che : Thanks for keeping me in the loop, and making sure that everyone had a good time, at your expense.

      Astcell : It is always good to see you make it out, I do miss the over sized camera, but the new smaller ninja camera works to ;)

      Hackerpimps : your party rocked....for so many reasons, and then some.

      Neg9 : Thanks for coming out this year, I was not as involved this year, hope next year we can at least plan a better party.

      Xodia : Shit went down, however I will be looking forward to seeing you at Shmoocon.

      Twinvega : This marked our 5th year of defcons together, I felt really bad when I heard what happened, I am sure that in a couple of years you will be able to come back, until then I will at least pic you up some cool shit every year.

      FREE VEGA!

      ..and last but not least a BIG FUCK YOU to none other then asshole...


      You fucktard asshat pissant, my best friend now can no longer come to defcon, and you went and fucked up saturday night for everyone (including most the neg9 crew), hope your idiotic drinking was worth it. I also expect that Xodia is not stuck with any costs relating to the hotel rooms, and that your covering everything. Defcon is a social event, sure you can drink with your friends, but don't drink yourself into fucktardism. What falls faster an asshole or a can of redbull? if pushed out of a 20th story building?


      moderators feel free to remove the hate, I am still pissed about the whole thing.

      See y'all at Defcon 15
      I would like to meet a 1 to keep my 0 company.


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        Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

        Thanks to everyone who has helped to keep me in the loop over the past few months. This community is absolutely phenomenal, especially toward someone that many of you have never even met. I feel like I know all of you and look forward to meeting you at DEF CON 15.

        If you are at all interested, you can keep up with my goings on at my blog here.


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          Woots and Thank-Yous

          Deviant: For the awesome talk and the bccc contest, and of course the beer

          Londo, Extasy, Spackle, Gm1 : For helping us out with the scav hunt and just being a good friends when the shit hit the fan

          Converge : Definatly for the great food at the bbq

          Lil_Freak and H3adrush : For helping organize the defunct strippercon and volunteering time to make sure the saturday party's were not shutdown as early

          Ice Tray, Siviak, Snow : for the kick ass partys and the scav hunt organization you guys did a great job under enormous pressure

          Astcell : Helping out when and where you could and just for great conversation

          Neg9 : Rocking dc14 hard and representing neg9, good job guys

          Xodia: For helping with stripper con and and where you could, Especially for spaying pretty cool when we had to figure out the asshole fiasco. See ya at toorcon

          DT: For yet again being the driver at the wheel of DC and keeping the con alive for all to enjoy

          Priest: For staying ccol during all the problems that occured and keeping DC safe for everyone

          IOactive: for the other penthouse party that was rockin

          To anyone who voluntered there time at the door to the partys at the penthouse:
          Working together we kept the parties going as long as we could, good work!

          And to the goon staff and all the people that help make this years con a success:
          Thanks for giving up part of your con to keep things going and safe
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            Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

            Thanks to some Riviera security, mainly for understanding that people need sleep, even if it is underneath a table on the convention floor.

            Thanks to LosT for the cool box that I now put stuff in.
            Thanks to the Mein Fraulein guys for the 16 hour crypto contest.
            Thanks to DJ Jackalops for the tunes.
            But mostly, Thanks to everyone that put up with my shit.


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              Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

              Converge - It was cool meeting up with you a shshiCon and hanging out during BCCC
              Devian Ollam - BCCC, yeah the sign should go to Render IMHO. Thanks for the great presentation all the same!
              Octalpus - I always enjoy seeing you in accient mode ;)
              Russ - Putting up with my crap, ad-hoc help with BCCC, getting some great sound bytes from your GF (which I have to email to you :) and really finding time to work with me when you should have told me to f-off. Thanks dude!
              DT - Bribing with beer didn't work, so I turned into a lawyer sorry about all that! Thanks again for taking time to listen when you didn't have to!
              Siv - OMFG, you BAMF! Thaks for a great party and the Hunt! We will be back next year to defend
              L0ndo & GF - I didn't like that hactchet anyways, glade we could burry it togeather!
              Sno - Thanks for not beating the crap out of me, and see you next year!
              Cat - Every year I always find a way into your NOC with BS. Thanks for being patient with me and the Hunt crew!
              RenderMan - Sorry bout mixup at BCCC, and thanks for letting us borrow the Dry Ice, and the JDumas thing ;). See you next year with some beer in hand!
              Roamer - Sorry we could get you that lap dance in time. Maybe next year?
              A, Grifter, Tierra - I still owe you bacon! But thanks for hanging out, and I'll have plenty of non-copyright filler for you to put on the tele next year.
              Goons - Enjoy all that beer we got you! And sorry to any security goon cought drinking on Saturday!
              Jake - Next year your on the team. Thanks for being our friend for soo long and now, Vegas 2.0 goon ;)
              Ira & camp - Sorry bout your beard, thanks again for being a good sport!
              Winn - One of these days Vegas 2.0 will leave the first round and make it to Finals, one of these days! Thanks for the Shi%ty book!
              GM1 - Sushi Con was once again a hit! Thanks for keeping this going! Maybe Ichiza next year?
              ASTCell - Thanks for the 8mPix high gloss of P2G, and for you time and kindness. Always enjoy hangin with you!
              CotMan - The badge, your friendship, interesting conversations you just a cool dude! When I'm in your area, we got to do beers!
              Nobody & jess - 5 years living in Vegas and we never hung out, now you leave for your Doctorate :(. Beers before you go?
              Che - One of theSummits biggest supports, kick ass goon and good friend! And they say Defcon's just about hackers, it's more then that, and you prove this every year we hang out!
              Lil_freak - Scav Hunt was great with you guys! How was the HS or did you not have chance to get some?
              EFF (Derik, Cindy, and camp) - You keep doing what you do best, and will keep writting checks! See you when I'm in SF area!
              Priest - Every year is going to be the year you go over the edge with me, and yet you refrain! I don't know how you do! Thanks for being you!
              Riv Security - umm...go piss up a rope?
              Ed and Greg - Thanks for the great trainning and putting up with my crap while you were goons!
              Riverside - Thanks for the internet, Wall o' Sheep and letting me mess with your staff!
              FX - Ninja's do have real ultimate power, sorry we had to use your speech to demo this fact! Thanks for being a great sport
              Hooka People on Fri Night - Thanks for letting us get in on the hooka and beers, don't know when I'll be in Idaho, but if I am, I'll look you up!
              Orange County crew - you guys rule! Great Toxic BBQ hangout, sorry you had to leave early! We will cook out next year on vegas2.0 dime!
              SYNTAX - Great shirts! Thanks for the donation to EFF at summit, sorry I didn't say that on stage, They supprise me with 2min only time frame.
              303 - Don't know what is was, but sorry :(
              Vegas 2.0 - Thanks to you guys for putting up with my crap this year, again, and hopefully we can grow with DC!

              Sorry to anyone I forgot! Beat me up next time you see me!
              "Never Underestimate the Power of Stupid People in Large Groups"


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                Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                As a few know, I could not physically be at the venue this year, but trust me, I was there in heart, in spirit.

                Though it probably doesn't really matter to many, I have a few woots to add to the list:

                DT, his partner, and the folks who make it happen: you folks really have no idea how much you are appreciated by this ragtag bunch of mainstream social castoffs. You all work so hard to provide a space for us to geek out, party out and just be. For this, I personally thank you.

                DT, his partner and the folks who make it happen, plus the speakers: you folks have no idea how much you are appreciated because of your efforts to give this ragtag community brain tickles, new and excellent content and a relatively safe place in which to play with our ideas.

                The Goons: You'ens all rock. Goddess blessings on you all. Enuf said.

                Mee: thank you for being a fine friend and for the calls to keep me in the loop.
                You are one of the sweetest, smartest people I have ever met. Rock on!
                Plus, You seem to have gathered quite a following with your rig for one of the Balls. :-) I WANT PHOTOS!

                ASTCell: Your photo foo is excellent. Your friendship even more excellent.

                ASTCell and Prez: For your commitment in the face of known danger to life and limb. I've been there and I am glad to know that such warriors still commit. I trust you have special people in your lives that understand what it's all about. Prez, come home safe and whole, you hear? Don't want to have to go ninja on you! :-)

                The h'pimps: you IS my crew! Thanks for representin' again so finely this year.
                I'll get out to J'ville some time soon. Especially to Marklar: thanks for the chats and hope you made it home without being too ripped.

                Jackalope: LopeyLopeLopester! your music foo is incredible. My friend wants more. Give me more, girl...

                The lovely crew that phoned me over the weekend: Your thoughtfulness touched me. I thank you all and cannot express how very much your kindness made me smile. You know who you are. :-)

                DO and Al: thank you guys for the messages. That was very kind of you and I appreciated hearing from you. See you at ToorCon or ShmooCon! DO, bring the lockpicking stuff, I need another lesson if you would be so kind. I sadly missed the LP village this go-round

                Some of the speakers: I won't shout out, but thank you for your kindness in providing me with your content. I deeply regret not being able to be there to grill you on your logic/though process/etc. Perhaps another time.

                stay shiny y'all!



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                  Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                  I started this on the plane Sunday year I'll be completing the package and getting the right hotel AND the right flights so I don't miss the last day. Here goes in somewhat alphabetical order:

                  AST: thanks for the use of the warehouse card...TXBBQ couldn't have happened without it.
                  Converge: a well planned BBQ, everyone got there that wanted to go and good times were had by all.
                  cotman: great move on getting the van. Hopefully they didn't inspect the springs when it got back to the agency. wtf was that beeping anyway?
                  DT: good game, as always.
                  god minus one: for hooking up the HP wristband...much appreciated.
                  hackerpimps: awesome party for so many reasons including the interesting new drinks which were created either intentionally or not.
                  jackalope: nice job on b&w.
                  kai: for the armidillo eggs and the recipe. always good to see another chiefs fan taking the grill to a gourmet level.
                  voltagespike: good to hang...we'll do more next year.

                  Now there are a number of others that deserve specific thanks, but the memory is hazy of some moments and I am terrible with names. Hell, there were some people I wanted to meet up with and may have but didn't realize it. This was my second time out, and had a blast. Hopefully by next year I'll have the facial recognition to give proper thoughts to everyone.

                  Die in a fire:
                  Asshole: Not only did you hurt Defcon's reputation, you seriously screwed over the people who were clearly nice enough to babysit your stupid ass. You ought to be paying for their trips for a while.

                  That d-bag that was very blatantly taking pictures of the faces in the crowd during Black Ops. Even if you didn't know it was against the rules, it was a boner move and since you were clever enough to be the first one to post DC14 pics on flickr, I hope the people in the know put together the pieces.
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                  jur1st, esq.


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                    Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                    Just a quick thanks to everyone for making it a great weekend.

                    octal, claudus, the guys broadcasting the ssid above my room (4506 guys), kenfury, crash, utc, skroo, iain+lee

                    Cheers to everyone in the ninja party who helped me finish that absinthe and for holding my flag! The green fairy had me buzzing well throughout Sunday! :-)

                    A big hooray to DT and the goons for all their non stop work and for making it such a successful weekend.

                    FUCK YOU:

                    Only one. The wanker who spoiled it for everyone aka 'asshole'.

                    See you all at dc15 :)


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                      Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                      Jackalope Thanks: (YOU!) (I would have spaced this out for readability, but it just would have been too long)

                      ALL the Goons: You guys/gals are truly my family as well as some of the best friends I have in my life. You are the first people I miss most when I leave con.
                      Noid: for having faith in my DJ skills at DC7
                      Evil: for getting me into the vendor area every morning and being a friend
                      Golgo: for the birthday present of the plane ticket to con, for being you, and helping me out with my grumpy computers and printers while I was putting together all of the cds.
                      Bink and Zziks: For the B/W Ball and for putting me on the line up even though you say you would be killed if you didn’t.
                      Kris Klink: for the Blackout party reminder. I am sorry you didn’t get to play. Awesome chatting with you.
                      DB Cooper: for proving it was possible to sleep in intervals of seconds at con and also for coming out to Colorado for my Pirate party in the doublewide club and braving the negative degree weather.
                      Q: for the invite to the Mircosoft party, you should have gone!
                      Tacitus/Kallahar: it wouldn’t be DC if I didn’t get to hang out with you guys. Everyone needs penguins and a blue teddy bear, even you two!
                      Che: “Anyone up here?” Poor security guard…
                      Flea/Queeq: for the wheelchair madness.
                      Zac: for doing all the stuff that needed to get done behind the scenes at DC14 and for having a gateraid with me every morning.
                      Barkode and the Ninja crew: My Saturday night was truly going south fast, and then I came out to your party and my night just got nothing but better after that. I will continue gracing your parties as long as you will have me. You have first priority as far as the renegade DC parties go.
                      The guy who brought the Vestex mixer to the Ninja crew party: for the mixer love and playing some of my records so I could have a break. You are a good dj. Truly awesome!
                      DJ Catharsis: for stepping up to bat after I was too worn out to go on at the Ninja party.
                      Caezar and his entourage: For once I got to actually talk to all of you. Very fun hanging out on Thursday night. All roads lead….
                      Roamer: you just rock socks, man.
                      Russ and snakebite: Denver more!
                      Toxic BBQ Crew: this was the first year I made it. I had a blast. Thank you for the party.
                      Skydog: for the invite to the Hackerpimps party.
                      Londo and X: Yay! Thanks for the 1200s and the mixer to decimate all on.
                      Skydog #1: see? I didn’t forget ya you old man.
                      Marshal (I know I just misspelled your name, apologizes): being one of the busy people at DC has its disadvantages. I’m working on things so I have more time next year.
                      Everyone who bought anything from me: you have no idea how much I appreciate it. Djing in my city is a giant thankless job. I’m glad I have fans everywhere else. I appreciate you.
                      The Various Artists on my cd: for the tracks.
                      303: Cuz this is how we roll!
                      ASTcell: Heck yeah, you made it.
                      Prez: hang in there. We’ll be waiting for you at DC15.
                      Valkyrie: you were missed, I’m glad Astcell made it possible to get stuff to you.
                      DT/Black Beetle: Thank you for making me official. And of course, if you need to me dj for you, let me know. I am a dj of all genres.
                      The International House of Mojo: right on!!!
                      Xodia/Twinvega: Hopefully this thing will all get worked out. It was good seeing you and Thursday was fun.
                      CK3K: roxor!
                      canis: you SO weren't there.
                      The Whole Green Sector Crew: for making the days go by smoothly, for watching the booth for me when I had stuff to take care of, for being awesome 1000% of the time, for letting me come back and share space once again.
                      23b: for hosting my picts and being fun to party with
                      The Jackalope Army. You know who you are.

                      ok…this is super long…I’ll add more when I think of them…I’m still in the DC haze of no memory….apologizes to anyone I left out, just whack me over the head like Converge said.
                      DJ Jackalope
                      dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

                      send in the drop bears!


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                        Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                        Thanks to Quiet and other people I accosted for help while I was way lost trying to find octal/typeos, and cheers for everyone that I met because they were all friendly (specially typeos' posse, the 4506 party and those who have decided I'm baking them muffins next year).

                        And Woot to everyone who made it there and everyone who made it all possible: it made for a pretty sweet first DefCon. (except for asshole, of course)


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                          Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                          I can't really thank any specific people, it was my first defcon and I was just mostly lurking and taking it all in. I hope that next year, I can participate more. I'm fairly new to the security world and want to learn more as that is the career I would like to work towards.

                          But I guess I want to thank everyone for making it enjoyeable.


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                            Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                            First of all, A massive thanks to the goons for understanding the whole situation Saturday night. You guys rock.

                            Twinvega- For the good times in the room, the good times at the parties, and the handling the bad times with asshole.

                            Icetre- For the totally awesome party and letting me be a part of it. I'll do a Walmart run any time compadre.

                            Abby- Ditto. Levitate!

                            Levitating Guy- You dance like someone with unspeakable grace. Congratulations.

                            Siviak- For not beating my drunk ass Friday night. Another year of good times.

                            BrokenCbl- For the rides, the brews, and countless other unasked favors. I owe you multiple brews.

                            Headrush et Lil_Freak- Its always great seeing you guys. PBR 4 life.

                            Londo. Xtasy. Spahkle and GM1- It really meant alot you guys talking to me Sunday. That showed real character. Thank you.

                            Hex- 3,842.04.

                            Static Black- Thanks for the crash space on Sunday and all the other good times.

                            Ck3k- I didn't see a ton of you, but it was still good times sharing a Black together.

                            Snow- With all the cigarettes you bummed off of me your lungs must be bleeding by now. My apologies. :) Good times, I'll bring you a carton next year.

                            Lope- Man did you have a rockin' outfit Saturday night. Alot of pre-con fun with you and Golgo. I shall stay your faithful Lieutenant.

                            Che- Always good times hanging and talking over a brew. See you at Shmoo.

                            Kallahar- We had a good run as facilitators.

                            Tacitus- You nearly scored Tuesday with those chicks by Treasure Island. heh.

                            Fuck you Asshole. Your not in DC859 anymore, Cinci2600 hopes you burn in hell, and nearly everyone in the Tri-state area knows more about you than your parents. Have fun.

                            I know I am forgetting a massive amount of people, don't get pissed if you don't see your name. Its in revision for the next few days.
                            The dude abides.


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                              Re: Woots and Thank-Yous

                              Originally posted by latras
                              I can't really thank any specific people, it was my first defcon and I was just mostly lurking and taking it all in. I hope that next year, I can participate more. .
                              Con is what you make it, you're on the right path!
                              DJ Jackalope
                              dopest dj in the galaxy. *mwah!*

                              send in the drop bears!