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    Rules for

    1) Any images published to include the publisher's copyright and permission for Defcon to publish them. (This is kind of a no-brainer: owners publishing images on a public image server must give Defcon rights to republish them, or else, why would they be on a public image site?)
    2) No illegal photos. This is broad, but publishing pictures taken by someone else, without permission could be an example. Picture you took of someone else breaking the law? That would probably be allowed, as it shows other people doing stuff.
    3) No Spam.
    4) No nudity (temporary rule for now until we figure out how it should work. Afterall, Defcon has occasional nudity and drinking, so, picture of Defcon would likely include the same.) Images that include nudity may be temporarily hidden from view until we can find a way to , perhaps limit access.
    5) Users may not delete their submitted images, just like they may not delete their own posts.

    This section will likely be expanded as we figure out what we need to have rules for, and what we should just ignore.

    Images posted by all regular users require moderation before being viewable.
    A quota system is in place to limit the size of individual image, and total image space, and these values will probably change over time with feedback.
    Leaders/Organizers can publish image content without moderation.
    (Once we know what quotas make sense, we'll publish the quotas here.)

    We'll probably look for people that abuse the option to link to images from other pages, and then cause these "leeched" images on site to display something other than what was intended.
    (A link to an image in a discussion in a forum discussion elsewhere would probably not be abuse, but someone storing an avatar here that is loaded for every post on another forum would probably be abuse, same could be true if left on a web page, or busy blog or "mysqpace" or other social network "user page" or sig -- you have the idea.)
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