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    I like the idea of having "stuff" to buy and bring home to the kiddies. The problem with the really good quality shirts and stuff is the price. (I'm not saying the stuff already there is bad) I'm not gonna pay $30 for any shirt no matter how cool it looks. Quality vs price. I like the idea of thong models (female strippers only please). Shirts, sunglasses, hats (including those hard to get FBI, CIA, NSA hats), shorts, computer related gizmos and tools kits, cups and koozies, stickers, patches, tattoos, pre burned CD's with fun security programs, photos with porn stars, raffels tickets to win a date with a porn star or win a computer or something like a one hour one on one training session with a security expert. Oh golly geee, you fellas get the idea. Whatever is sold, it must be fun, unique, conf specific, and priced within the means of us poor bastards that attend.

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    sure, but...

    agreed, and why not supply us all with condoms and free beer too?

    C'mon man, DC isn't about schwag, its about learning new sh1t! schwag is kewl, but if all my dues goto stuff rather than cutting edge knowledge, i'd rather read it online.



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      I agree with you. I was just posting a few words about all the crap you can find at trade shows and such. You know, all that politically correct stuff. For once I'd like to see some really wild stuff that you would like to have. DEFCON is, in my opinion, all about learning and teaching. But why not have a wee bit of fun along the way, and having a quality tshirt to remember it works for me. Thats all. No offense meant to anyone.


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        hey!! make some XXL.... it sucks being limited to really lame tshirts cause all the cool ones stop at XL
        if it gets me nowhere, I'll go there proud; and I'm gonna go there free.


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          its cool

          tshirts and stuff is cool, but not if thats all the conference is about. ;)



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            the latest schwag

            I have found that schwag trading gets more expensive each year so far. I agree that we need some cool stuff to show off, so quality has to go into it of course.

            Then again at DC9 the schwag was overflowing and the speakers were the ones missing in action.


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              neck badge strap

              I'm looking to score a DEFCON logo badge know the thing that hangs around your neck with the DC badge on the end. All I'm looking for is the DC logo strap. If you have one or more you want to donate or sell to me let me know. Naturally I'll pay postage. Thanks