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Let the 2007 LockPick Contest Planning Begin

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  • Let the 2007 LockPick Contest Planning Begin

    Hello All - DOC here

    Time to start into the 2007 planning process and I want to open up discussion for any kind of input to include rules and additional contests.

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    Re: Let the 2007 LockPick Planning Begin

    Oooh.. thank you! I've been waiting for this for months. :D

    Firstly, as I've mentioned before, I *really* think the LP Village would do well to have twice the space that we had at DC14. The way I envision it is thusly...

    One skybox room would be dedicated to the LPCON, and the tables set up as they were last year. Presumably Deviant will be there again, as will Doc. LSI will be there, and I believe TOOOL will be wanting to set up as well.

    I believe the other room should be set up with more of a "theatre style" seating arrangement for presentations. One of the challenges we faced last year was in giving presentations and workshops. When I offered "Intro to LP" workshops there was only seating for about 9 at most (plus myself), and there were people standing all around trying to watch. Even more would have participated, but they were unable to see what was going on, so they sort of shuffled off and missed out. I think having a dedicated space near by (ideally right next door) would be perfect for this.

    LSI has been putting together a number of ideas for additional "content" for the Village, including some cool events, team events, presentations, and so on, but until we know what kind of space we can expect, it is hard to plan accordingly.

    As well, I think it would be a great idea to have an actual program for the Village events and presentations. This could either be included with the general DC program, or if nothing else, printed out and made available at the door to anyone who wants one. There is so much to take in at Defcon and it would help people know when to actually be at the village to see what they want to see. In this respect, I think that it is important that somebody - anybody - take the ultimate responsibility of scheduling events within the Village. Someone to take proposals, assign time slots for the presentation area (assuming we are able to have that space), and so on.

    LSI is very committed to pulling together some cool content, and my understanding from speaking with the TOOOL boys is that they are also amped to pull some of their own stuff together, so I don't think content will be a problem. I think the two problems right now that stand in the way of good planning is confirmation of space and coordination of that space.

    I'm more than happy to help in any way I can.




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      Re: Let the 2007 LockPick Planning Begin

      Originally posted by digital_blue View Post
      Oooh.. thank you! I've been waiting for this for months. :D

      Firstly, as I've mentioned before, I *really* think the LP Village...
      I've broken out the LockPicking Village from the LPCon discussions so we can have dedicated discussions for each, and each can be organized in parallel.

      While LPCon is taking place, it is difficult for LPCon organizers to be in the LP Village, and I'm sure there are people in the LP Village that would like to see LPCon.

      What could make these work better together, would be to give the two suggested skybox at the end that overlook the contest area, to the LPVillage and LP-Presentation people, and then ensure the LPCon setup is placed immediately below these skyboxes for "bird's eye view" of the contest from the balconies.

      I'll copy your post and this reply to the LP Village section for the people that will be focusing on the LP Village portion of the Con.


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        Re: Let the 2007 LockPick Contest Planning Begin

        Originally posted by On Lockpicking101, Schuyler of TOOOL US wrote:
        As I discussed with you long ago, DB, I'm interested in sponsoring/running a particular competition.

        Make your own tools competition. I intend to provide: 10 grinders, piles of street sweeper bristles, wiper inserts and hacksaw blades, and, of course, a multitude of locks, pinned alike, random files and sandpaper.

        Basic idea? 10 people at a time will choose their materials, choose their workstation, choose their lock, and make their own tools with an interest in opening the lock faster than any of the other competitors.

        Should be pretty swank, if everyone is interested I'd love to make it happen. If we could get a few people doing a "DIY Tools" panel, this could be a nice tie-in/follow-up to that presentation.

        More details to follow.
        The question is, would this type of contest be allowed? I think it's a great idea, and would surely be a whole heap of fun. But would there be any issues with 10 bench grinders running? I'm thinking about either probs the hotel would have with that, or liability issues.

        Any guesses? It'd be WAY cool to have it if we could, and Schuyler is all ready to make it happen.