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    well, theres probably posts here about it already, but i was plannnin on goin to defcon this year, and i was wonderin if anyone wanted to get together to get a room. smoking is accepted and drinking is accepted. well, there really arent any specifacions to adhere to, i just need a room.

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    well yeah...
    sharing a room would be cool I guess..
    I'm alone... still haven't planned anything...

    anyway if u still want to share a room with someone (like me :) plz contact me:
    ICQ: 75435670
    or e-mail:


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      Group From NJ

      Getting a group from NJ to make the trip, if anyone is interested let me know
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        ME group

        not a bad idea... There's a group of about 7 or 8 of us heading there from Maine. If anyone within ME or so wants to hang with us, give a post or email to
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