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DC612 Monthly Meetings

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  • DC612 Monthly Meetings

    Just to let everyone know, we have been having the DC612 monthly meetings for over a year now, and anyone is welcome to come and share or present any ideas they have! The regular meeting is on the Second Thursday of the month from 6-9pm in Minneapolis (see for directions and location)

    What were looking for:
    1) Speakers
    2) Topics
    3) Ideas
    4) People

    We are always in need of new topics talk to about, and want input and ideas from the community. That said, we need more people to attend to share these ideas with us!

    Please visit for more info, and feel free to join the Google Group- so we can all get in touch!

    -VideoMan and Jared Bird-
    Feel free to contact us- info at
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    Re: DC612 Monthly Meetings

    Just an update- we are moving the meeting to a new location, one with free WiFi, good beer, and better food. The new location is Elsie's in NE Minneapolis.

    Elsie's Web Site

    They are very cool, and the place isn't a dive- on the plus side is that if someone has a need for a projector, one of the rooms does have a projector and screen!

    Please join us!

    Also starting in September we will be moving our meeting to the second Thrusday of the month- some other group in town is conflicting with ours, so we will be nice and move our day.

    We are also looking for help- so if you can help us, please email Heather and VideoMan can only tap their brains for ideas only for so long.