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    Seems that when the Local Meetings thread moved over here not all was transferred, So I'll lay it down once again.

    The Utah 2600 meeting is held in Salt Lake City. Our website is There are meeting notes and photos there, as well as text versions of the talks given by meeting attendees each month. I will try to post meeting notes here as each month passes and will post the November and December meeting notes below in order to get things rolling.

    If you need any more information don't hesitate to fire off an e-mail to
    .: Grifter :.

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    November Notes

    Another month has come and gone and November was another good one. We had a good turnout, which has become, I am happy to say, pretty much standard. It's nice to see that something that we thought was impossible has turned out so well, that being a 2600 Meeting in Utah.

    I showed up at a few minutes before five and was amazed that there were about six people already hanging out, waiting for others to show up themselves. It was nice to see people there on time actually, no one ever shows up to the meetings at five, it was a nice change. We did however still hold off until six to start the talks to make sure we gave ample time to those wanting to attend.

    That's right, this month was another month with talks. Although I was disappointed in the number of talks given. I bribed everyone with a DC9 shirt last month to write the best talk and what did I Well, one official actually typed out talk from Signingis. So he gave a talk on "The History of Cryptography" and got himself a t-shirt. Then 'A' stepped up and gave a talk from the top of his head, kind of an intro to wireless. Then I talked a little about XP and what we can expect from it. So one official talk, but throw in two unofficial and you get three. Not half bad.

    People kept asking what I was going to give away next month for the best talk, the answer to that is nothing. I figured I'd give it a shot and see if maybe people would put more effort into it if they knew they were going to get something. The answer is no, which might be okay after all, it means that they're just lazy, not greedy. So with that I'll bring this month to a close. I hope we get some good talks next month even without the bribe. See ya in December - Grifter
    .: Grifter :.


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      December Notes

      Ah yes, another month down, another year down, my how the time has flown. December was a good way to end the year. We had three talks this month and they didn't go too badly. We were crowded in the food court due to all the Christmas shoppers and their jolly asses filled the whole place up, so there were Hackers next to normal people. Boy did the heads turn when the talks started. People had this look on their faces like they had just become witness to the oddest poetry reading of their lives. It was unsettling having all those eyes on you, but it felt good knowing that they didn't understand a word. The normal people that is, although, the "hackers" seemed to be having a rough time themselves. :)

      I(Grifter) gave a talk on VNC. ManicVelocity did a talk on BIOS. And ProtomanX blessed us with his first talk on Mac OSX. I like when meetings go the way they went this month. We screw around for awhile, talk about the latest news and events, wait for people to arrive, and start the talks. After the talks are over it's back to talking.

      People have told me that a 2600 meeting in Salt Lake City was a waste of time. They have said that it was hopeless. That nothing good would ever come from it. At times I almost believed them, and at times I almost gave up. It would be so much easier for me to just call it a loss and just go to the bar at 8 o' clock; let the newbies have it, and turn it into a circus. But I have seen far too many people say that it is hopeless, whine about how the days of old are gone and do nothing. I have chosen to do something. And I have not wasted my time.

      Since April, when the talks started, I have seen amazing growth in the meetings. Not necessarily by numbers, although we're not doing bad there either, but in the intellectual conversations that are held. The talks are there because when we're done having them, people are more prone to discuss the topics given. I practically beg everyone that attends to write one, no matter what it is on, and we usually get one or two. But that is a success. And I hope to see many more successes in the year to come.

      So as this year comes to a close I'd like to thank all of you that come out to the meetings, but most of all, I'd like to thank those of you that contribute. Thanks for proving to me that I'm not wasting my time. See ya next year - Grifter
      .: Grifter :.