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Solar-powered Desalinization Contest

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  • Solar-powered Desalinization Contest

    Here's an idea for a contest that I think would be interesting, and perhaps even useful. I'd like to see a contest where people design, build and implement a solar-powered desalination machine.

    I'd set the rules something like this:
    1.) Cannot be more than one square yard in area and no more than two feet tall.
    2.) Must operate with (only) solar power and gravity.
    3.) The person or team that produces the most clean water from one gallon of saltwater (in a specific period of time) is the winner.

    What do you people think? Given the fact that DEFCON is in the Mohave Desert, this sounds like an appropriate contest.
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    Re: Solar-powered Desalinization Contest

    Hmm.. how about up the stakes a bit. Make them survive out in the desert for the duration of the con with just their contraption and ..

    On second thought, cross that.. it sounds like burning man or something.
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      Re: Solar-powered Desalination Contest

      Not sure if logistically it would function at the TBBQ, but sounds like yet another great sub-event that could fit. Thoughts? You running it?

      Ideas are great, but more importantly they need people to drive them. Think it, do it!
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