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  • Coffee Wars 8

    It's that time again.

    CoffeeWars. The word alone is enough to inspire heroic deeds of valor. With their customary zeal, and surprising good looks, the staff and judges return again for CoffeeWars 8. That's right-- we've been at this for eight years, so by now you know what to expect: mayhem, inhuman savagery, and a panel of judges getting wired on some damn fine coffee. Our mission remains the same: to determine, via rigorous experimentation, which hacker's coffee is the best. As ever, we solicit your participation.

    Bring us your favorite beans, and submit them for judgment. We will conduct the most sophisticated analysis human capability can muster, and ruthlessly disrespect any entries that fall short of our glorious ideal. We will take those beans and grind them. We will brew those grounds in magic appliances with sacred water. We will drink the resulting elixir, and then the esteemed panel of judges will vote on its merits. Submit your beans and become a part of our mighty quest; we'll make sure you get a steaming cup of the very same brew we're savoring. Every year people complain to us that this is a silly contest. Phooey on them! It's fun!

    Written entirely by Foofus.

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    Re: Coffee Wars 8

    This year I promise to make it on-time. My beans have been selected and I hope they stand up to the intense scrutiny of the judges.
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