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  • May Meeting

    The website should be updated soon - bad news though.. The meeting
    has been bumped back from the 12th to May 19th.. I'm looking for a different
    location just in case we don't have access to the church.. I'm already excited!
    I've been in contact with some new members and can't wait to get to meet them..

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    Re: May Meeting

    Okay dokey..

    Meeting is back on for May 12th!! I will send everyone a new e-mail to make sure
    everyone knows.. It seems that we are going to be able to have it this weekend..

    It seems there are a few people that can't make it on the 12th, so we are looking
    to also have one on May 19th.. Anyone that wants to do it on the 19th, then
    let me know..


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      Re: May Meeting

      Oh yeah, schedules are for organized people haha. Perhaps things won't change again between 3:30 AM when I found out and Saturday at 2. See ya'll then!


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        Re: May Meeting

        What May Meeting
        WhereTascosa Road Fellowship, 180 Building Amarillo Blvd & Tascosa Rd behind the Toot N Totum and Wendy's
        When Saturday May 12th at 2pm
            * Welcome and club business
                  o Open Forum. Free stuff this meeting. Thought we were going to be homeless, so planed for a meeting where we do not have computers. All the basics you need to know along with a few CDs of the basic tools.
                  o We will have some of the lock picking stuff available for you to play with.
                  o Club Business
                        + Setting the schedule, and speakers
                        + Discussion about formalizing the club a bit
                  o Update on T-Shirts
                    Hopefully have shirts by end of month.
            * Mingle
        Who Everyone is invited.
        Information is Power
        Web update coming soon:
        I love it when a plan comes together..


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          Re: May Meeting

          (edited due to stupidity)
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            Re: May Meeting

            Actually, it was BigE that took ya home.. I've sent you my cell phone in case you need
            a ride for the 19th.. I can't believe you walked 1 1/2 hours to the meeting.. Us fat
            boys would have been crawling the last 1/2 mile.. lol

            As for the meeting - It went great! We learned quite a bit and all received a copy of the latest
            backtrack release! And not to mention - we all received homework! I can't wait to check out
            all the links we received!


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              Re: May Meeting

              Ah great lol, I'm already getting names mixed up. Well that's what happens I guess when I stay out in the sun too long... Or something like that.