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  • Guitar Hero Contest

    Just announced!!!

    Guitar Hero II contest for Defcon 15

    The contest will allow contestants to show their skills playing Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360. Medium, Hard and Expert levels will be offered. A prequal round will be held to ensure Experts aren't playing in the Medium levels. Initial heats will be a cummulative score of possibly 2 user-chosen songs. The top 4 from each level will go at it 'tournament' style final, head to head, until only 1 player remains.

    Are you a Guitar Hero? Do your friends think you're l33t and can shred like a rock star? Then prove it! For the first time at Defcon, you will have your chance to pound out a great solo and earn points enough to make it into the finals!

    Contest will be run by Panadero.

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    Re: Guitar Hero Contest

    Well Im gonna pass the word on, I know some guitar hero addicts here who are planning on attending the con.. Video game contests isn't exactly something I was expecting to see at the con.


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      Re: Guitar Hero Contest


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        Re: Guitar Hero Contest

        Missed an l there LosT:


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          Re: Guitar Hero Contest

          Dammit, this is another reason I'm bummed about missing out on Defcon this year. I just unlocked the Axe guitar this morning!

          The game is so addictive - I've played electric guitar for 12 years now, so the first time my friend busted out that plastic Fischer-Price looking Gibson, I thought to myself "What's my saving throw vs. LAME?"

          Apparently I lost, because 3 hours and many beers later, I was hooked.