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It's almost February...

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  • It's almost February...

    It's almost February and we have little info on the upcoming DC, no info on last year's DC, no definites on Alexis Park rates - let alone the rates for overflow hotels in the area.

    So WTF,O? DT, do you need more help? Are there issues with Alexis Park? You'd think that with the lag in travel/tourism Las Vegas would welcome the invasion by thousands of hard-working and well-paid geeks (and a few of their not-so-well-paid friends)...

    Just wondering...

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    give the alexis park a call and let us know what you find out... see if they have talked to any other "overflow" hotels about good rates if they are recommended by AP.

    Any info us peeps can get is good.
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      I'm not too concerned myself about the Alexis Park, we normally stay on the Strip. My point is that things seem to be moving rather slowly as far as updating the website with info. Has a call for papers even gone out yet?

      I'd like to decide by the end of February whether or not I'm going, and I can't do that without info.