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    Any suggested reading / hangouts for phreak newbies? especially interested in the cell networks
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  • #2 has lot of texts on h/p, though a lot of them are outdated, they have some newer files as well. has cell files and a web board for questions and answers. is my site, a mirror of the old radiophone page, with some additions.
    It has programming codes, hidden tricks, etc, for a couple hundred cell phones.



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      I am a newb to phreaking,

      I dont know where to start, any suggestions?
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        Well what i used to do was just type generic terms in search engines like "phreaking, cellular hacking" etc and then read, read, read, read AND read!

        it would probably suit you best if you picked up some basic older knowledge... IE: what a beige, blue, and redbox are. Some telco lingo, POTS, what ss7 is, the different types of switches that used to be used etc.

        Then I would read some of the older phrack ezines, and I would go to and read a bunch of the cellular hacking papers.

        Get yourself an old phone and play with it, see if you can get NAM programming info for it etc.

        There are probably some other (better?) things you could do, but I think this will get you going...

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          Try, go to alt.2600.phreakz (once in a while will have useful info, kinda dead nowadays though...), the above mentioned site (, and last to be mentioned but always first in importance, READ!

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            Starting points:

            I'll add:

            - Phrack ( Good practical files on AMPS. Sorry, but I can't remember which issues. You'll have to dig through to find them; Brian Oblivion's items were particularly good.

            - (previously This site has a wealth of info on both the landline and cellular systems.

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              i find that (very basic) and good starting sorces. #cellular and #phreak on dalnet are good places to go to ask questions (too bad tron got perm banned from there).

              Also, is good for learning tech terms and acronyms that will come in handy when you need to SE.

              Another good free service to subscribe to is They have new updates daily, some nice PPT presentations and Video
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                simon says chillout with the personal attacks. Use the private msg's if you have something to say about someone.

                thanks for your cooperation...

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                  I am also a member of PPC, a great phreak group. See em at or channel #ppc.