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    Hey Hey!
    If you haven't seen it yet check out Hackers on a Plane!

    2007 is a very special year for the global hacker community. Thanks to cooperation between the organizers of DefCon XV and the Chaos Communications Camp 2007, the two largest gatherings of hackers from around the world happen only a few days apart!

    This is where "Hackers on a Plane" comes in: The Hacker Foundation has put together a complete travel package to help bring together hackers from around the world for ten days of fun, culture and community. We see it as the first step to building a truly global hacker community.

    $1,337.00 (for those travelling roundtrip from the US & Canada)
    €1,337.00 (for those travelling roundtrip from Europe)
    Gets you:

    * Admission to DefCon in Las Vegas, NV, USA
    * Flight from Las Vegas to Frankfurt
    * Flight on the "Hackers on a Plane" charter flight from Frankfurt to Finow Airport
    * Admission to all days of CCCamp2007
    * Accommodation at Camp Anaconda (no need to bring a tent!)
    * Return flight to select destinations in the USA (or flight to Las Vegas for DefCon for EU citizens.)

    More info at Hackers on a Plane!