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DefCon 15 Wireless Village Breakout Sessions

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  • DefCon 15 Wireless Village Breakout Sessions

    The Wireless Village will be located in Skybox #209 over the Contest/Chill/CTF area. For more info see the DefCon Schedule and the floorplans located on the Venue page.

    The Wireless Village is founded on a simple premise: Learn + Touch = DO!

    A number of exciting and fact-filled breakout sessions will be held in the Wireless Village during DefCOn. Some of these will be for skills needed by competitors in the Wireless Contest, while others will be just for the fun and learning experience. Besides, all the cool and popular kids will be there. If you want to be cool and popular too, then you need to be at the Wireless Village.

    If you attend a breakout session that's tied to a mini-contest, you don't have to compete. But don't be surprised if you do want to compete and show off you new-found skills.

    Learn + Touch = DO!

    The schedule for the Breakout sessions is still being worked out, and will be posted when finalized. Breakout sessions that are tied to a Wireless mini-contest will be presented a minimum of one (1) hour before the associated contest.

    Here are the breakout sessions so far:

    WEP Cracking Breakout Session: "WEP Cracking 101"
    Tied to Wireless Mini-Contest

    WEP cracking is so...2002...or is it? This breakout session is especially designed for the newbies whose wireless ability is limited to using your neighbor's open access point! Whether you have never used wireless before (there might be a few of you) or just want to brush up on your skills, if you're interested in WEP cracking, then this breakout session is for you.

    Don't fear if you've never heard of Shamir; by the end of this breakout your Wi-Foo will include Fluhrer and Mantin, too!

    We'll start with a brief history of the 802.11x standards, including the development of WEP. We'll move on to its weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and discuss how to implement attacks. Finally, we'll demonstrate some basic WEP attacks.
    ================================================== ===================

    Tiered Wireless Skills
    Tied to Wireless Mini-Contest

    This breakout will give you the basic knowledge and tactics to gain a deeper understanding of Wireless 802.11 uses and misuse. The breakout will take you from hidden SSID through WPA2 cracking as well as the out of the box tactics that are necessary to survive.
    ================================================== ===================

    Direction Finding Breakout
    Tied to Wireless Mini-Contest

    Can you find a needle in a hay stack blindfolded while locked in a trunk? Or can you literally not find your ass with both hands? Either way, the fundamental skill of finding rogue access points to apply the IT cluebat is direction finding.

    Even if you don't know anything about radio propagation or reflection, never fear. Things begin with a breakout session in the Wireless Village by Renderman, veteran of the Defcon wardriving contests, who will teach you everything you need to know or ever wanted to know (and some things you probably didn't want to know) about radio direction finding.
    ================================================== ===================

    WPA Breakout
    Tied to Wireless Mini-Contest

    WPA may have replaced the bug ridden WEP as the defacto 'secure' standard for wireless but that doesn't meant that it doesn't have it's own problems. This breakout, run by RenderMan in the Wireless Village that will go over all you need to know. Even if you don't know what WPA stands for, by the end you'll know everything you need to audit WPA and WPA2 networks and recover weak passphrases with ease. Even if you know all about WPA, come by and bring a 40+GB USB hard drive and get a free copy of the Church of Fifi WPA hash tables and save yourself the download time.

    ================================================== ===================

    RFID Breakout
    Tied to Wireless Mini-Contest

    If you don't know about much about RFID technology but are excited about it, the Wireless Village will be hosting an RFID breakout session. Participants will be shown how to construct an RFID "wand" -similar to the design in MAKE Magazine Issue 06. The session will be hosted by Thorn, who was the lead author of the book RFID Security* by Syngress Publishing. Parallax, Inc. has generously provided RFID reader and LCD display components for this breakout session.

    ================================================== ===================

    More exciting Breakout Sessions are in the works, such as one on hacking wireless hand-held game consoles. These Breakouts will be announced here as we get them in. Stay tuned!

    *Admittedly blatant plug.
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    Re: DefCon 15 Wireless Village Breakout Sessions

    Wireless Village Schedule of Events (Skybox 209)
    (so an interesting talk to give? give us a shout!)

    Tower Challenge (tiered wireless challenge)
    - Friday 12:00 - 19:00
    - Saturday 12:00 - 19:00
    - Sunday 12:00 - 14:00

    WPA Cracking

    - Friday 13:00 - 14:00 (Breakout in the Wireless Village)
    - Friday 14:00 - 16:00 Contest (Contest area)

    WEP Cracking
    - Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 (Breakout in the Wireless Village)
    - Saturday 12:00 - 14:00 Contest (Contest area)

    Direction Finding
    - Saturday 14:00 - 15:00 (Breakout in the Wireless Village)
    - Saturday 15:00 - 17:00 Contest (Contest area)

    RFID Locating
    - Sunday 12:00 - 13:00 (Breakout in the Wireless Village)
    - Sunday 13:00 - 14:00 Contest (Contest area)

    PSP Hacking
    TBD - see here

    Amateur Radio
    146.58 FM Simplex - the unofficial Defcon 15 frequency for Amateur Radio enthusiasts. See here for more.
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      Re: DefCon 15 Wireless Village Breakout Sessions

      In the spirit of Defcon chaos, the Wireless Village will have LOTS of cool stuff going on throughout the weekend, but we don't have a 100% schedule for everything. We could try to make a list of all the people and projects we're aware of to date, but its much more fun letting folks find out on site. Here's what we can say:

      ) Doors should open 11am on Friday and stay up until 8pm. From there? .. that isn't set in stone. We can keep things rolling, or close things down for the evening festivities, but overall its pretty much up to the wireless freaks that show up.

      ) Door should be open no later than 11am on Saturday and Sunday .. possibly earlier for the folks that aren't completely bombed out of their minds from prior nights of .. um.. learning.

      ) While we're not publishing who's involved and what's going down yet, we're keeping our list and checking it twice.. EVERYONE is invited, even if you didn't drop anything via our Call for Breakouts. It's not over until awards ceremonies, so if you have something cool to share .. jump in the waves.

      ) Information about what is going on in the Wireless Village will be painstakingly announced as much as possible, through adhoc signage, misc advert stunts, and otherwise through our good friends at the Defcon Infobooth .. so STAY* TUNED**.

      *RF nuts and grasshoppers alike are welcome to chill in the Village. The CoWF, while attempting their best to keep the public informed, will not be held responsible for you missing out on really cool things that happen while you're away.

      **Keep a sub on the Unofficial Defcon Amateur frequency .. we'll try our best to transmit first and ask questions later .. er, update signage/infobooths later

      ***This is a random rant by me.. did I miss anything?
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        Re: DefCon 15 Wireless Village Breakout Sessions

        Originally posted by converge View Post
        ***This is a random rant by me.. did I miss anything?
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          Re: DefCon 15 Wireless Village Breakout Sessions

          I am looking forward to it guys!