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mythTV box... who wants it?

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  • mythTV box... who wants it?

    those who read my thesis a while back know my it was about how the public interacts with various forms of audio and video media and how changing technologies are altering this relationship... taking control away from the user.

    one chapter in this piece concerned the mythTV project, and how it is a democratizing force which sets an example of how people may interact more directly and exert more control over how their recordings are managed and maintained. when i was writing my this second i decided it would be appropriate to build a myth box. well, i did. it was fun and rewarding, but now it's just sort of collecting dust here. we simply don't watch enough TV in our home to justify using it. the few shows that we really care about we simply download from torrents and store in a library on our a network share as opposed to keeping them on the myth system.

    if any of my compadres here in the DefCon community would be interested in this computer, shoot me a message and maybe we can come to some arrangement. (i didn't know if it was appropriate to post an asking price or even really mention this at all, since i don't want to contravene any forum rules.)

    system specs...
    Pentium III 700 MHz
    256 MB SDRAM memory
    250 GB hard drive
    optical drive should be a DVD-ROM unless i swapped that out. i can't recall.
    low-noise fans (not "stealth" fans, but i switched out the stock fans to the quietest ones i had)
    Hauppage PVR-350 (this was the tuner card recommended by all mythTV forums i read. it has a remote control -- you can see the receiver eye sticking out the front of the case -- and a breakout cable that attaches to the back of the card. it has both a cable TV and an FM radio tuner)


    heh, pardon all the dust. like i said, this nice little myth box simply doesn't get used here.
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