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Audience partici-p-p-pation - PSP users @ Squidly1's talks

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  • Audience partici-p-p-pation - PSP users @ Squidly1's talks

    I'm talking at DefCon on the alternative uses of various video game consoles, and will also be presenting a demonstration and mini-talk about the PSP in particular (and maybe the DS) at the WiFi Village. If you want to be a full participant, or just want to play along, make sure your PSP is running at least firmware 1.50 *OR* one of Dark_Alex's custom firmwares. I highly suggest installing 3.40OE-A...

    If you have a PSP with Sony's official 3.50 firmware, don't fret. There's now a downgrader for it. Last weekend Archaemic and Noobz (PSP coders) released the Illunimati exploit (a Hello World) and three days later Fanjita (another coder), with the help of some unnamed others, worked to bust out a 3.50 firmware downgrader.

    I'm upping all the tools to downgrade your PSP to my site now. To see a video of the downgrader in action, hit the below YouTube link:

    For the files you need, check my link:

    From there, upgrade your minty new 1.50 machine to Dark_Alex's 3.40OE-A firmware. You'll be able to play all the newer games AND run all the tools I will be showing off in my DefCon talk and WiFi Village demonstration.

    - Squidly1
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    Re: Audience partici-p-p-pation - PSP users @ Squidly1's talks

    I will bring my PSP. Its already on a Dark Alex , but I think its earlier than 3.4.
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