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  • Wheres the Announcement ?

    The website index was changed on or about Feb 13th to say "DEF CON 10 CFP and Announcement on Feb 15th!". My calander currently reads Feb 20th and I have not found any new material on the index page or anywhere else. Anyone know what is happinging? Did I miss the announcement, did it not happen, or did the info only go out on the mailing list ?

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    I am going to refer you to Defcon Forum > Public Forums > Defcon Chat

    There is already a thread in there regarding this subject. And i would have merdge these two threads but nulltone the bitch didn't give me the privs *sigh* :D
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      No need to merge threads.

      Just link the person to the existing thread, and if needed, close this thread so people dont start two parallel threads.


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        yea its the 24th

        yea its the 24th and still there is nothing. i think it is a large suprise and DT does not want us to know about it. he is makin us wait and wait some more. then when he tells us it will blow us away.:) ;)
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