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Official Black and White Balls Line up...

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    Re: Official Black and White Balls Line up...

    I am seeing two seeders at the moment and overe 300 Kbps download on my cable modem.
    Will Hack for Bandwidth


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      Re: Official Black and White Balls Line up...


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        Originally posted by zziks View Post
        Please post away . ill keep the files on my media fire acct for a long time.
        I have no objections to having them on the defcon site at all. I prefer it.

        Ok. Let's see if I did this properly. The torrent-based mp3 files have been uploaded to your account's "upload" directory. You should be able to now process them, add comments, select an album (maybe the defcon 15 album?) and once posted, allow other people to reply to your mp3 posts with comments.

        How to do this:
        1) visit:
        2) On that page, scroll down to the "checkbox" with this description under "Extra Options" : "Skip upload and process the files already in your upload directory"
        (You might be able to select an album on this page, and have this selection cause all listed media files on the next page to default selection of album to the same album selected here.)
        3) Check that checkbox
        3b) Click the "browse" to locate a small, inconsequential jpeg file, and select to upload it too.
        4) Scroll down to the "Upload/Submit" button, and press it.

        Now if all worked like it should, you should see all of the media files listed with an opportunity for you to select an album for these.

        Please let me know if it works or doesn't.

        This same procedure is what people will be able to follow after uploading with WebDAV, too.

        Edit: Step 3b added because there is a bug where previously uploaded media is not listed unless you upload at least one item.


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          Re: Official Black and White Balls Line up...

          Originally posted by zziks View Post
          the recordings are up for all to download if you choose not to use Bit Torrent .

          Thanks for uploading and everything in general. Hope you could enjoy Defcon as much as I. Thanks again :)