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  • Volunteers - Please Read!

    The Infamous EFF Dunk Tank is back at Defcon again this year.

    Test your 1337’0 throwing skilz! Sink that sucka and win a prize.

    Dark Tangent, Zac, Priest, Noid, DA, Agent X and
    other staff goons will be on the dunk tank schedule,
    as well as, many of your fav speakers from the
    sessions. Think their talk sucked? --- Dunk’m

    Look for other surprises dunkees during the day.
    It could be a notable member of the media, a mystery celebrity
    or just someone you know – ask about our “dunk your buddy” special offer.

    The best place to cool off in Vegas is in the
    dunk tank so if you would like to volunteer to
    put your butt in the hot seat for
    a 1/2 hour and help support the cause then
    contact stealth via and we'll schedule you in.

    So check it out and support the work the EFF is doing to protect your Rights.
    Each year the funds raised have grown; and this
    year at Defcon 15, we want to top the amount we raised last year.
    All 100% of the proceeds go to the Electronic
    Frontier Foundation – Defending Freedom in the Digital World since 1990.

    The dunk tank is located at the Defcon Oasis near
    the mist cooled tents and the kiddie pool lounge,
    the smoking spot and along with some other
    contests better held outside… Find it, be there.

    Stop by the EFF booth to learn more or go to <>
    We are looking for organizations interested in sponsorships this year.
    Contact Alyssa Ralston -


    (Posted by Pyr0)