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  • Need a Room / Share a room?

    Hey hey..
    This is gonna be my first DefCon experience (I know.. n00b).. and already it's getting a little out of hand. Apparently, my company (which I no longer work for) was suppose to pay for my hotel room and flight...

    well.. they booked the flight... but I just found out today they forgot to book the hotel room. I tried calling in today, to reserve one.. but apparently, hotel rooms are sold out :(

    So.. I'm wondering if anyone is willing to split a room, or have a room available? Of course, I'll pay to split the cost of the room.

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    Re: Need a Room / Share a room?

    er.. oh yeah.. i'm arriving to LV on Friday, Aug 3 at 6:20am.. .and i'm leaving Mon, Aug 6 at 9pm...


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      Re: Need a Room / Share a room?

      Be sure to check these two recent threads:
      Room Available
      Room for sale!

      Buyer beware and all mandatory disclaimers.


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        Re: Need a Room / Share a room?

        Hello... My plan is to leave San Diego via car Thursday afternoon to get there before the 10:00 PM cutoff to get a badge early. I need to split the cost of a room for three nights. Thursday should be at the $95 special Defcon rate. Friday and Saturday will be at the Riviera's standard rate of $125 (I believe that rate is correct). That's not too much of an increase seeing as you get to stay at the Hotel the con is at. I'm trying to get plans squared away A.S.A.P. Let me know if you are up for that.



        P.S. See for further details / developments