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  • ØTBOTB Logistics for Entries

    Updates as the planets align and the world looks on in awe at the the giant pile of awesome that is DefCon:
    • We have a room for boxen in an undisclosed location officially confirmed. Dick Cheney will be there, doing lines with Jimmy Hoffa off Amelia Earhart's ass and watching the door. I will be the only one who can get to it, so read below about where to meet up to get your box to me so I can cable it up.

    • We start at noon Friday, end 6:00 Saturday night. The scoreboard will list targets plus some neato attacks stats and such. It should be projected somewhere in the main contest area.

    • I have MAYBE five slots to spare still. If you are a walkon, you may not be able to enter, and may have to make do with the 2T toddler size shirt I got for my daughter.

    • You can meet up at one of two places to get set up: A) At the Summit (bring $35 for EFF / THF to get in) on Thursday night, or: B) On Friday morning after Joe Grand's talk, in the main contest area.

      In both cases I guess just look for somebody with an OTB tee. Seems like the best way to identify each other. Mine will be pretty rank by Sunday, though. You may also be able to identify me by smell.

    • I need help. Lots. And I don't just mean upping the dosage on my Effexor. Anyone who can help babysit the projector and laptop displaying the scoreboard so I can get up to pee, help lug boxes around, or make sure the RJ45's are right side up so the bits don't fall out, please do.

    That is all. See you at con. Thanks again to all the people crazy enough to try this. You are why this is the one week of the year that makes the other 51 bearable.
    Will fail miserably, ending in fatalities and broken furniture.
    Will end with every box owned by elite ninja death squads.
    Will end with nothing standing but my PDP11 emulator running 2.11BSD
    Needs more cowbell.
    Makes my brain hurt.
    I am Theo, and I am bringing a box.
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    "Raise a toast to ... I think he might have been our only decent ."