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  • Greets from the Ironfeather crew


    Hannah and eye really wanted to attend this years defcon as we miss all of you, miss the conference and also had hoped to present our new issue of IRON FEATHER JOURNAL no. 18, i think you all would be very proud of this new issue.

    You can guess why we can't. yes, lack of job/ funds/ ack.

    Regardless, we wanna be there in spirit. Hannah and I just hosted a radio show on KGNU in boulder/denver colorado and I invite you to download the archive before the radio station deletes it in a few days.

    The show is zydeco, celtic, punk, reggae, bluegrass, etc. just download the MP3 and bring it with you on your massive drive over the deadly dry lands to las vegas, you can even hear my pathetic voice but i speak rarely so don't be worried.

    anyways, lots of our dear friends are going to defcon and we are jealous as hell! Jackalope invited us to have our zine involved in her booth and thats a huge honor. Hannah (Kelly) and I were totally into being there, and this is killing us, but please know we are there in spirit. So many peeps I would really dig seeing right now. ack

    oh shyt, the names & faces are rushing back to me right now... damn! so many cool people!! if you read this missive and you know me from defcon then you know i am thinking of you!!!!!!!!!! ack, where is the icon for a friendly punch of joy!
    ok. everyone be safe, have tons o' phun and keep notes, i will be happy to print them in the next iron feather journal due out end of 2007.

    For those of you who know us, Hannah and eye are doing well. We own a tiny used book shop in Denver Colorado. We are doing radio shows (see link for mp3 below), we created the Denver Zine Fest inspired by DEFCON energy and for the past two years it has been just really amazing. We are actually starting a zine fest in London England next year also.... Yes Dark Tangent, you have started a social revolution! a virus perhaps!

    damn. so wish i wish I was there! I know you all will be having an amazing experience. so cool!!!!!!!!!!!

    cheers from your friends in the 303


    Stevyn & Hannah

    ok, the radio station kills the link in a few days, so download the archive while you can. bring it with you to DEFCON. Listen to it as you drive over that waste land, I hope it entertains. I will be honored, if you do this
    IronFeather Journals :