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  • OTB IP assignments

    Okay, here's the current IP allocations. I struggled on whether to mail or PM these, but since a lot of people are communicating via the forums, I'm going this route.

    If you gave a nick or a handle I tried to use it. If you want me to use a different name out here, let me know.

    The subnet is:
    Default gw:
    DNS (if you want it):, NBender Tatsumori Jim the .MIL guy Bascule? 0xB0B 0xB0B 0xB0B 0xB0B 0xB0B Thego Rilla Thego Rilla Thego Rilla Gfleischer LanceB LanceB LanceB Puking Monkey Puking Monkey Puking Monkey Rstucke Rstucke Rstucke Rstucke Rstucke Aoz Syn Deviant Ollam Deviant Ollam CiscoStu Vegas2.0 Vegas2.0 Vegas2.0 Vegas2.0 Vegas2.0 SDM Contrarian? Kevine xphil3s xphil3s xphil3s xphil3s xphil3s JoshRofUF JoshRofUF ShoeGoo ShoeGoo ShoeGoo
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