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EFF fundraiser: dunktank++ defuse the "bomb" circuit

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  • EFF fundraiser: dunktank++ defuse the "bomb" circuit

    This could be the classic "Cut the blue wire, no the red one!" scenario.

    There is some sort of chamber that the contestant enters with some electronic device/circuit which is the "bomb" detonator. The "bomb" could be a container of all sorts of nasty stuff at the ceiling of the chamber which will drop down on to the contestant when the detonator goes off. People can donate $ to EFF for the opportunity to put stuff into the container to dump onto a contestant who fails to defuse the "bomb", the nastier the better (to a point).

    This is like MacGruber meets Nickelodeon.

    Although it would be really cool to have a hi-tech plexiglass automated-dumping-chamber at some point, a fast and cheap solution would be to have a few goons dump a container onto the contestant when the circuit triggers a buzzer or something.