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  • call for cans

    hmm... first post in the DC15 forum? wow, i feel so unworthy, i should post something of greater substance, heh.

    in any case, i just wanted to put the word out that we in the Lockpick Village are often on the lookout for empty aluminum cans. crafting home made padlock shims out of cans is always a big hit with people but we're often short on supplies.

    if you happen to have any canned beverages at defcon and are on the skybox level, consider dropping your empty off with us. we would ask that you please try to find a water fountain or sink in order to rinse it out first so that we can keep down the mess factor.

    thanks to all, see you at the con!

    - dev
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    Re: call for cans

    see ya there :)


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      Re: call for cans

      This will be my first year coming to defcon and LP village is one of things I'm interested in the most, so if I happen to be sucking on something in a can on my way over I'll make sure not to chuck it in a garbage can.