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Broadcasting talks at the Riviera?

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  • Broadcasting talks at the Riviera?

    I was going to go this year, but a friend of mine noticed that the talks wouldn't be broadcasted on the hotel's cable system. I remember they had this at the Alexis Park and it helped a lot. Why aren't they doing it at the Riviera? Seems you could lose people over something as simple as this...


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    Re: Broadcasting talks at the Riviera?

    there's about a dozen reasons/answers to your post...

    1. the talk broadcasts were a luxury, and never a standard feature of con

    2. the talk broadcasts were often poor quality feeds that never really substituted for being there in the audience, seeing slides, etc.

    3. the broadcasts were a direct result of overflow from space constraints at the alexis park

    4. we had almost full control over the head end at the AP and could do nearly anything we wished with the tv system there

    5. we were almost the only guests at the AP, exclusively booking all rooms... at the Riv there are plenty of other guests who could see anything we show on the TV

    6. there is plenty of space at the Riv for people to get into the talks

    7. the Riv staff won't let us monkey with their tv feeds

    8. yes it was cool using VCRs and MythTVs to cap the talks... but DT gets them all released for free shortly after each con now, so that's a moot point

    9. stay home if you want to... but DefCon's attendee numbers don't show any signs of decline in the near future.
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      Re: Broadcasting talks at the Riviera?

      ya, I don't think many folks expected the stopgap measure to help overcrowding to be such a nice feature-added. I sure miss chilling with friends and watching some hacker jeopardy in a more relaxed environment... hopefully that is something that can come back some day with enough arm twisting and ninja hotelsmacking attempts by DT and friends.

      That said, its a very bad reason to not show up. The amount of talk space is HUGE and attending the talk you want to see is pretty much a given now. Then in a few months or so you can download them off the intarweb. Otherwise its kinda like going to a rock festival and wondering why you can't listen to the bands from your car radio...
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