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Update on cash-and-carry for "Locksmith Shop"

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  • Update on cash-and-carry for "Locksmith Shop"

    Some of you had the opportunity over past years to join me and up to 10 other people on a trek over to Nevada Lock Supply to pickup tools, picks, locks, shims, plug spinners, and other accessories for the contest at the convention.

    Their website still shows their old address:
    Las Vegas
    2969 S. Highland Ave.
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

    But when you visit, you find they moved on may 22 to a new address:
    5151 W Oquendo Rd
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    This is a difficult road, as it is broken in many places, and choosing the wrong segment means you have to back track, to go around and get to the proper segment. (map.)
    Easiest entry was taking Decatur south from Russell, and then taking a right on W. Oquindo.

    After visiting the shop at the new location this year, we found that the shop has now changed its policy on selling locksmith tools to non-locksmiths. The person behind the counter said they only sell such equipment to locksmiths registered in Clark County.

    So, here is an open notice that my once secret field trips to this location are now at an end. The last person I brought with me to get tools (which was a success) was Tom. Congrats Tom. :-)

    I won't be building any more field trips to Nevada Lock Supply, but will mention that you may still be able to visit "Fox's Spy Outlet" to pay 3 to 4 times what you can get from online locksmith supply businesses, and even similar businesses in person. Last time I visited Fox's Spy outlet, it was still cash-and-carry, but that was 2 or 3 years ago.(map.) They also carry books like those you were able to get from Loompanics.

    Thanks to everyone that joined me over the years on this trek to get tools fairly cheaply.

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    Re: Update on cash-and-carry for "Locksmith Shop"

    Thanks a lot for letting me go with you, and it's a bummer you couldn't get the equipment you were looking for. I've been tinkering with every lock in my house since I got back:)
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