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Happy Dance / Infected Mushroom

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  • Happy Dance / Infected Mushroom

    If you installed Happy Dance for aCTF and weren't there when I went over it after the contest, you can remove it by loading Firefox in safe mode and removing Happy Dance from the installed Add-Ons list, trying to remove it while Firefox is loaded normally is not possible.

    If anyone is interested in the workings of the extension I will be releasing a legitimate version later this year under the GPL license.

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    Re: Happy Dance / Infected Mushroom

    Yo CP,

    I am very interested in getting a look at this. Drop me on the list of those that wanna be a part of this project.

    I thought I saved a copy of this on a thumb drive, but it appears that I must have misplaced it. When you are ready to release under GPL, please let me know.

    You guys are just SICK! And I love it. :)

    Nice work on happy dance. I never thought I would say it, but IE saved my hide. hehe



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      Re: Happy Dance / Infected Mushroom

      heh, you all think your safe, wait until you get a load of the stuff me and red are cookin up for next year ;)