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  • contest results - ToxicBBQ meat games

    so here's the rundown of what happened with the Exotic Meat Games at this year's Toxic BBQ...

    Titanium Chef Challenge

    the Titanium Chef event went beyond all my expectations. i had concerns almost all the way up to the last minute that i wouldn't even have participants, then almost out of nowhere three whole teams showed up, eager to dive right in and cook.

    the theme ingredient this year was any and all pork meat from hog/swine creatures. i had an assortment of loin, chops, and sausages, from Albertsons and even tenderloin and bacon cut from wild boar. (by the way, if you've never had wild boar bacon, stop everything that you are doing and order some this instant! it is heart-stoppingly amazing.)

    the three teams' finished products were as diverse as their own personalities and appearances...

    The Schemers were a terrific, down to earth group who made comfort-style food, perfectly suited to a backyard BBQ setting. their dishes all played on a "desert" theme, with meat pies, sausage cupcake bites, etc. all were both meaty and sweet and their beverage pairing (a local micro brew) was to die for.

    The Sudoers were quite the collection of folk... all vegetarians, they didn't get to sample their own creations, but the love and care they put into crafting their dishes certainly showed through. a mexican bonanza (which included homemade guac and salsa) coupled with culturally-authentic sodas looked good enough to eat even in photos.

    Team Smoke (pronounced in the low, assertive voice of the subliminal tobacco messages from Family Guy episode S03E03) not only had plating that surpassed everyone else, but their finished products made, we felt, the best use of Pork and focused on the whole theme in a really kickass way... and they did it all while sucking down more nicotine than Roamer would while waiting in a delivery room.

    Heh... also of note was the super-kickass fact that each team included a hot chick. Not essential for the preparation of food, mind you, but having perfect meats and alcohol served to you by rod inducers is quite the way to start a defcon, i have to say.

    Guess the Flesh

    Josh was the winner in the Guess the Flesh contest. he was the only participant to knock down the whole sheet with a perfect score... some others got one or two animals right, but Josh's entry blew us all away.

    all who participated kicked serious ass. GM1, Londo, Converge, Che, and the whole ToxicBBQ crew was amazing for letting us rock out on so much of the grill space early-on. everyone kicked ass and everyone should come back next year! w00t!
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